Russian Granting Box

Russian Granting Box

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Rasputin might have been a little bit on the dark side, but the magic that he has created is nothing short of phenomenal. This piece came from the underground auction, so there isn't an intricate backstory to tell you about this one. We did get a brief history of the piece. The mage that we bought it from explained to us that this piece was created by a group of recluse monks that still practice the magic of Rasputin to this day. They call themselves the Sons of Rasputin and they summoned him in spirit form to create this piece.

Rasputin originally created a box like this one for the Russian royal family while he was still their resident magician. This box was originally meant to be given to Vladimir Putin, but somehow it ended up in the hands of the mage that gave it to us. He wasn't to keen on telling us who his hook-up was, because there are specific rules that one must abide by when dealing in relics. I'm not saying everybody does, but they do risk being stripped of their magic if they are caught.

Either way, you have nothing to worry about. We made sure that we cast an anti-tracking spell on this piece. This piece functions like Pandora's Box. Allow me to explain. Just like Pandora's Box was open and all the bad things came out of it, this piece will also allow whatever you decided to create within it to escape and to find its way to you. This doesn't have to be bad things. On the other hand, it doesn't have to be good things either. In fact, Rasputin is the one who is creating these things for you and he deals in all kinds of magic both dark and white, so you are good to create whatever you want.
The way this box works is like this. You put money inside of the box. This a wealth offering to Rasputin. It doesn't have to be a lot of money. It can just be a few coins. He only harvests the energies of the money. He won't take the actual physical money. You will meditate with the box and request whatever it is you want from Rasputin. Make sure the lid is on the box while you are doing this.

Allow the box to sit with the lid on a period of no longer less than three days. Then, you will open up the box and whatever you have asked for-- power, magic, an ability, the creation of an entity, a spellcasting, whatever-- will be released into the atmosphere. It will make its way to you and will. If it is magic, ability, power, etc. it will enter your body. If it is an entity, it will connect with on a telepathic level and possibly show itself to you. If it is a spell, consider it cast. This magic may take some time to manifest within you, but it will be inside of your body and growing. There is no doubt about that.

Now, you can take the money out of the box and spend it. Once you have spent that money, you can new money and put it in the box and start over. You can ask Rasputin to grant you one thing at a time. You don't have to do anything to recharge the box in between rituals. Once you spend the money that was previously offered, you will ready to go.

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