Russian Wizard's Pin

Russian Wizard's Pin

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We got our hands on this piece during an astral journey that we took to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. For those of you who aren't up to date on Russian history, the CCS is the tallest Orthodox Cathedral in the world and it sits on the bank of the Moskva river, just few hundred yards southwest of the Kremlin. Built in the 19th Century, it took 40 years to build. It was built complete with beautifully distinct Russian architecture. It was also built with secret meeting places for the top officials of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Just like their counterpart at the Vatican, the Orthodox Church leaders also have secret meetings to determine the best directives for their church and how to best keep their people in line. They also have secret artifacts of magic that they don't release to the public, simply because they want to keep all the power for themselves. There is a secret reliquary in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior that has been there since the cathedral was constructing. It remained theirs during the destruction of the cathedral under Joseph Stalin. In fact, it remains there today after the rebuilding of the Cathedral between 1995 and 2000.

We are not speculating in telling you the existence of such a reliquary, as we have been there ourselves. In fact, this is where we went the last time we astral traveled to Russia. We went there to specifically find an artifact that we were told about by our sorcerer friends in Russia. I'll be darned if we didn't even come back with that same relic. I'm not entirely sure how old the relic is, but it has been in the CCS for some time now.

It is not religious magic, rather it was created by an ancient Russian sorcerer that was disturbed during the destruction of the Cathedral. Spirits are weird like that sometimes. They become restless when their home gets disturbed. You have no idea how many times we get people telling us that once they start home remodels or demolitions, their house becomes weird, almost alive. Sometimes its a house issued like the Winchester mansion, but 95% of the time it is because the spirits that reside inside of their home have become restless.

We're not entirely sure how the sorcerer is connected to the Cathedral, especially given the fact that he is far older than the Cathedral, but he is tied to it somehow. They pissed him off royally when they began dismantling the cathedral, but once they rebuilt it, the hauntings have ceased. This is just one of the many pieces that turned up in the Cathedral as a result of the haunting that lasted until the 1990s when the cathedral was rebuilt. It holds great magic, as I will outline below.

When using this piece, I assured I was in a relaxing environment and began my meditation. I allowed my mind to wander and when I did I could feel my astral form being pulled out of my body. When I open my eyes in my astral form, I saw a chariot sitting before me. I could see the words "get in" flashing in my mind, so I got into the chariot and it began flying. To be honest, It kind of felt like I was Santa Clause for a moment because the chariot began flying through the air. I could see figures and silhouettes as we flew, but mostly it was just blurred light. I don't know if I was traveling in time or to another place in space. I'm just really not sure if I'm being honest.

What I can tell you is a soon as the chariot stopped, I opened my eyes. Sitting before me was a vast expanse of land. Sitting right before me was a palace as large as four of the cathedrals from which this piece has come. As I made my way inside the Cathedral, I notice a throne sitting on an elevated platform. I was the words "Sit" flash in my mind. Knowing better than to disobey my own instincts, I sat. In a moments notice, I was transported to a bizarre place. I wasn't in space, but I was floating far above the world. There was a wizard there with me, full-length white beard and gleaming blue eyes. He spoke not, but communicated with me telepathically.

"Before you is the world and all the magic in it. I have spent hundreds of years upon the Earth and I know its ways. Whatever you ask of me shall be given to you, for you have solved the mystery within and only the pure of heart can do so."

At this, I was transported back to the throne, where I sat. I could no longer see the wizard, but I could feel his presence. I asked for the ability to create wealth. The pin that I held in my hand began to turn warm. It wasn't burning hot, but it was warm. At this, I was able to wake myself up. I took this piece directly to the convenience store on the corner and bought lottery tickets. I spent $5 and won $1000. I know that doesn't seem like much, but it was right of the back. I have used this piece to create other types of magic as well. I have used it to create a magic that allows me to summon any kind of entity. I have used it to create a magic that allowed me to experience a total rearranging of my DNA. There were other things I did with this piece, as well. I don't quite remember all of them. What I know is that this piece is powerful and that you will be able to use it the same way I did.

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