Saharan Oasis Djinn
Saharan Oasis Djinn

Saharan Oasis Djinn

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Embedded into this piece are the entities that were once the guardians of the grand fortresses of the Sahara.  These fortresses were once used by very powerful people who lived along the trade routes, in the sweltering heat of the Sun.  When the need for these trade routes diminished, so did the need for the fortresses and the people who lived in them.  They moved on to bigger and better things, but they still left behind their legacy.  
Their legacy is that they were very magical people.  They still weren't able to break the curse of the Sahara and the dessert continues to grow each and every day.  However, they were able to create better conditions for themselves within the confines of their own palaces.  Lush green gardens, lower temperatures and cool water were just some of the things they were able to accomplish, using the magic of the guardian djinn that they created to hold watch over their fortress.  
When they left, the djinn were left behind, bound to the spot they were created.  During a recent excavation mission to the fortress, however, the djinnwere awaken.  They were conjured into these vessels by workers we had at the site and then sent to us.  In order to fully awaken your djinn, you need to give it a few drops of your blood.  Apply this directly to the piece in order to get the juices flowing.  
When your djinn is ready, he will appear to you.  You can ask him anything and he will grant your wishes.  These are full white light djinn, so I might just add in advance they won't murder or kill.  Other than that, everything is fair game. Enjoy.  

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