Salto Djinn
Salto Djinn

Salto Djinn

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The Hotel de Salto is nestled on the edge of a cliff.  Directly adjacent to the the hotel is a dramatic waterfall that makes romantic look underrated.  Well, it would make romantic look underrated if there was anybody looking at the waterfall, but the Hotel de Salto has been shut down for years now.  After the local river became contaminated with industrial waste, the hotel's fortunes changed.  It closed for good in the 1990s and by closed I mean to human occupants.  
During an investigation into the Salto Hotel, we have discovered that it has become the home to a very enigmatic entity, a very powerful djinn who once served King David.  We conjured him into this piece, but to be honest, he was all to willing to go.  hanging out in an abandoned hotel for a quarter of century gets to be boring.  He's on to his next project and that will be you-- if you buy this item.  
With this piece, you summon an entity that we are calling the Salto Djinn with homage to the place where we found it.  He will grant your wishes, but for a price.  The djinn is a very highly sexual djinn and I know that I've been calling it He, but it's just easier that way.  This djinn is actually genderless and will conform to every sexual fantasy.  It will give you orgasms that you have never before experienced.  As if that wasn't enough, it will repay you by granting you a wish.  You will get one wish per sexual encounter, so I'd say your life is going to change for the better.  Amazing sex AND unlimited wishes?  It hardly seems like a chore.  

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