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This is Sang Rael which is Holy Blood and unconfined magic. These came from the Winter Ball that Nymphadora attended. These are the product of this years castration. The castration is part of a sacrificial ritual where a male is chosen for castration. This male must be a virgin and a Virgo. Most times these men are Asexual but when they get one that is not the magic is thousands of times stronger. These are willing participants and are not held captive in anyway. They seek these men out all year long and are promised wealth beyond the imagination as well as magical ability. The do hold up to their end of the bargin and the ritual is done at the Winter Ball. The Winter ball is picked because they call it a dying of the Earth and a lower death of the mortal.

Sang Rael means Holy Blood. This ritual brings about the Gradus which means stages, steps and degrees, all with the power ladder leading to the unconfined ultimate magical ability. This ability is that of a powerful cleansing which you might say you can get anywhere, not like this. This is so much different because it just doesn't cleanse it empowers and pours into your being magic. It just cleanses first.

Now to get right to the meat of this because I did tell people I would get sale items on, so here we go.

The reason a male born with the astrological sign must be Virgo is not because it is the symbol of the virgin. This is because inside Virgo is a constellation called Crater and Crater means chalice. This is the chalice of the Holy Grail. A little bit of odd information is that many of the buildings being of banks and politics are laid out and contructed when Virgo is in place. Basically when the sun moves into Virgo. Now as we get a little deeper into this you will find that the Council of Trent which added to and took away from the Bible had a part in this. They added that no one should concern themselves with astrology and there was a very good reason why. That reason is because through the planets and astrology you can become as a God and you can understand true magic which in reality is not magic but reality, the real true self of a person, the ability to do anything if the science of the supernatural is understood. Now in the time of the Council of Trent they didn't want ALL people to understand this because who would service and slave for them? Would they not rebel? Well of course you would because you would be as powerful as they are or even more if you held that natural ability.

So why does a male have to be castrated for this ritual to give power to those hidden figures that rule the world and the wealth in it? The castration represents the culling of the animals,meaning you. You are the people who are not meant to see, know or learn this great supernatural power. This is what is kept hidden. In Bohemian Grove the rituals there include a sacrifce of life, murder with out the promise of anything. That ritual is done to obtain immortaility and the ability to converse with full protection with Satan. These whisperings while under sacrifice are true and not false whispers. The true knowledge of ALL or the Tree of Knowledge is given freely. Your chains are removed and the restraints that hold you back shed.

The piece you are looking at is fully powered and extras are done as gifts. This will cleanse you and make you the illustrated man, meaning man or woman. The meaning of this is a cleansing and a putting together of the hidden magic, the hidden supernatural. 

You will become fully awake and fully awake is like nothing you have ever been. Fully awake is what you want to be. What it means is intelligence, full supernatural ability and the brain in full operation to unlock the hidden doors of ability. The spoons in full sterling silver and antique comes from a Russian Immortals private occult trunk.

To use this is very easy but the changes of what you can do from commanding people in your mind to healing is like no other! You will be given instructions with your order by email.

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