Sanguinis Universalis

Sanguinis Universalis

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The path of life, death, power and blood is a story intertwined. Captivating, seductive, eternal....the vampire. Immortal youth. A life of exquisite pleasure and pain. 


The romantic notions of the life of the vampire cascade through our minds like light reflected in a prism. We are both enticed and repulsed by their existence. We long for eternal youth yet fear to grow outside the confines of our simple existences.


The transformation to the path of the vampire is a personal one. And the key component, the ingestion of life force through the taking of blood is a compelling paradox. Throughout the ages life has always come at the cost of death.


Let us fast forward now to the present Era. Technology has spread ideas and information, both good and bad. No ideas lie locked away in grimoires in exotic languages. Knowledge is freely disseminated. So what is to become of our immortal character, the sanguine vampire?


I offer to you a modern path, one suited to our age, a nexus, if you will, of the ancient and the present: I offer to you now the transformation into the Sanguinis Universalis. 


If we contemplate the vastness of the physical dimension alone, it is absolutely unfathomable. Now extrapolate into multiple dimensions of reality. Reality is nearly limitless. Now understand that all things that exist on this physical dimension, also exist on multiple dimensions and multiple realities and , well, we are starting to grasp infinity.


Blood, or blood energy exists on a base level in the bodies of all animals here on earth. Human DNA carries with it all kinds of gems, thus making it the most prized for the sanguine. However, contemplate that this energy is also accessible in other forms? Now we have the beggining of undersrand the Sanguinis Universalis.


During the transformation you, if not already possessing through earlier transformation, will be instilled with the base qualities of of vampire. Next you will be tied directly to a self replenishing pool of energy, the life blood of the universe. It is this energy that the sanguine seeks. It's just an upgraded method for attaining it that we offer. A small ritual will be taught to access it and to nourish your growth.


Trust me when I tell you that it will provide all the energy that earthly blood will. All the qualities attributed to the vampire will begin to come out from within. As you continue to feed from this reservoir you will feel a natural extension of these abilities. Physically you will feel a rejuvenation on a daily basis. Quickly you will see an effortless memorization and mind control power develop. As well trust me that the opposite sex will feel a deep pull towards you. An unknown force pulling them into your gaze as they are drawn inexplicably to your power. A new found energetic sensitivity brings pleasure to both you and them as an electricity courses through your being on a deeper and deeper level daily. You will as well find a smoothness to life as if people are naturally compelled towards your will, the desire to serve you, without you even trying to make it happen. You now walk in the easy grace of the Sanguinis Universalis. Enjoy

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