Sared Salmon Duality-- One foot n, One foot out

Sared Salmon Duality-- One foot n, One foot out

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To most cultures, the Salmon was found to be sacred.  The ancient Celts, Druids, Egyptians, Greeks and even the Chinese found this fish to be highly sacred.  It was the symbol of Christianity, both literal and esoterical.  It's because of it's dual nature and it's ability to exist inside of both conditions of water-- both salt water and fresh water. 


This ability was highly symbolic of the ability to exist in both realms of realities, both the physical and the spiritual.  As such, the fish is often used in rituals and sacrifices in order to be able to travel to the spirit realms.


This piece allows you to have one foot planted firmly in both the spiritual and physical realms.  This way you will be able to live your normal life.  However, you will also see the spirit world which will appear layered on top of the physical realm This will allow you to explore the spirit realm freely while calling upon any spirit or magic you may encounter.  

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