Scala Sancta:  the Divine Ascent
Scala Sancta:  the Divine Ascent
Scala Sancta:  the Divine Ascent
Scala Sancta:  the Divine Ascent
Scala Sancta:  the Divine Ascent

Scala Sancta: the Divine Ascent

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There’s a place called the Scala Sancta, or the Holy Stairs. They are the stairs Jesus climbed before being implicated in religious crimes and sentenced to die. The stairs were the stairs that led to a place in Pontius Pilates’ court. At this point, Jesus has already been beaten and bloodied by the crowd, spit on, and mocked. Either way, the stairs were removed from where they once were and relocated to the Vatican. They were boarded up by the church for supposed preservation, but I think that they knew that there was something special about making that ascent. They knew about the divine magic that could be acquired by climbing those stairs and they didn’t want the people to become too powerful.   



In 2019, the stairs were reopened for a bit and thousands of pilgrims from across the world went to the Vatican to climb them. We sent one person with a piece of our choosing to climb the steps. This was a person that we have worked with before and somebody who we will probably work with again, but until we know for sure we are going to allow her to be anonymous. She is highly psychic and she had quite the experience during her ascent on the stairs. The powers that we acquired from her experience have been set in this piece. Just know that there is nothing especially religious about this piece. It is just a piece that we sent her with should she end up having some sort of dramatic epiphany of power. She did. Below is her story.  


(The piece is this gorgeous purple glass pendant with sterling silver.)



She got down on her knees to show respect for the r, Jesus Christ. As she climbed the steps everything became blurry and suddenly she was seeing flashbacks of the time when Jesus’ bloody feet made the journey up the Scala Sancta. The two realities began to merge as she was shown bits and pieces of an alternate reality. Her shoulders felt heavy as if she was bearing her own cross. She found it very difficult to move. She looked around and others seemed to be having no problems whatsoever but she bore her invisible stigmata in silence.  



Light danced within her eyes as she jumped back and forth between realities. In one reality, she could see other pilgrims, making their way toward the top of the steps. In her other reality, she saw Christ bearing his cross. People in the crowd booed and hissed. They screamed, “Crucify him!” She stumbled under the weight of her invisible cross, the same way Jesus had stumbled while carrying his. When she knelt to break her fall, her hand fell in the exact spot where Jesus’ own hand once fell. At this point, she felt her whole body merge with his. The two realities became.  



In this instant the noise from both realities became mute and time stood still. As their bodies merged, she was able to see through the eyes of Christ. Although he was God and he was perfect, she was able to feel the anguish that he felt. She felt the sheer terror of knowing he was going to die. She was able to feel the hurt that he bore for the people of Earth so that way they would never have to. She could taste his blood on her lips as it tricked down from the corner of his eyes, where he had been beaten. As she tasted Christ's blood she was given a holy communion with Christ. Now, they not only shared the same memory but for several moments in time, the Christ Consciousness, Je



It might have only been a few moments, but time stood still and it felt like a lifetime for her. His holy presence was inside of her and her body became the walls of a holy temple inside which he resided. She was his temple and his imprint lives on inside of her. She can access the Christ Consciousness at all times. The divine presence lives with her because when this piece is worn, it marks the soul. You will be marked.  



You will experience great divine magic with many magical abilities springing forth such as divine intervention, creating the future, creating miracles, controlling time, receiving and granting immortality, as well as many other powers and abilities only offered by the Christ Conscious.   




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