Sealed with the Blood of Christ
Sealed with the Blood of Christ

Sealed with the Blood of Christ

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There isn't much to write about this piece because the piece it what it is. That's not to say that the piece is powerful. It is extremely powerful. It is also an antique. It is extremely old, as in 120 years old. It was created in 1901. If I'm being honest, I'm not sure about the design of the piece, who created it, or what exactly it means. There is so much mystery that surrounds the existence of this piece, but merely having one puts immense power at the disposal of whoever owns it.

At the turn of the 20th Century, the Vatican designated a class of Priests that were actually more powerful than Priests, even more, powerful than the Cardinals if I'm being perfectly honest. They just couldn't let the public know this. Only men who could prove that they belonged to the bloodline of the Levites, the high priests of the Temple, were allowed to be part of the elite class. Of course, this class of priests remained mostly secret.  They were organized as part of an effort to fortify the Church's position in the world in a time when they felt like the grip they had was failing. 

To the priests went the presence of the Holy Ghost and his ability to create, but not just the power of the Holy Ghost.  They also receive the authority of the Blood of Christ.  Each of the priests was given a ring. They all looked different. The one that we have obviously looks like the picture that is on this listing. It is made out of silver that was found at the base of Jesus' cross after his crucifixion. Many people went to pay their tribute. The silver became mixed with Jesus' own blood after he bled from the wounds that were inflicted upon him.

The silver therefore holds not only silver that has been melted down and formed into this ring, but it also contains the Blood of Christ. The Holy Spirit has ben conjured into the piece, so that's a double blast of white light power. The ring itself is a blood-stamp ring or a wax-stamp ring. You can use them interchangeably. You can use one or the other. You can use both. It is entirely up to you

This piece gives you the authority of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Christ mixed together as one. It allows you to write things into existence and stamp it with a seal of God. This will allow whatever you have written into existence to come to life. This could be a miracle that you want. This could be divine destiny for yourself or for others. This could be any form of white light magic found in Heaven. It could be the birthing of an angel. It could be the vanquishment of evil. It could be the sealing of a fate. It could be an absolvement. It could be an imparting of wisdom. Really, how you use this piece is entirely up to you.

When using this piece you will write down whatever it is you want to come to pass. You will fold the paper in quarters, with what you have written facing the inside You will tell either light a candle and drip wax on the paper or you could use some blood. If you are using wax allow the wax to solidify and then press the seal of this ring into the wax. Conversely, you can dip the tip of the seal into the blood, then stamp it to the paper you've written on. Either way, when you stamp the piece with this ring, your stamp becomes sealed with the blood of Christ and what you have written down will come to pass.

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