Secret Room of Correspondence and Ritual | STAR
Secret Room of Correspondence and Ritual | STAR
Secret Room of Correspondence and Ritual | STAR

Secret Room of Correspondence and Ritual | STAR

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There's an engraving of the Freemason Compass and Square with the number 666 situated in the center. It is located in Vatican City for all to see. it was originally concealed better and could be revealed by those and to those who knew how but more recently, as Pope Francis draws closer and closer to raising Satan, he and all others working toward the same goal of raising one God for all to worship have grown increasingly careless with their security. They care less and less who finds out what because they are rapidly approaching the point of no return. They know that they are so close to achieving their plans that, by the time anyone makes sense of the breadcrumbs they leave behind, it will be far too late.

We have visited this location with an insider we have long since planted among the Freemasons. His name must remain confidential for his safety. With him we were able to discover that this symbol is a lock. Vicarius Filii Dei activates it. The numbers spin out of control and it opens to a tunnel that leads to a room used for secret meetings and rituals. The room is lined with various items of obvious power and it is so still and silent that you can hear your own heart beating. It feels as though you can hear every function in your body at work. The room is used to communicate with demons, conduct rituals and likely other heinous acts.

The longer you stay in the room, the more you also become aware of the items reacting to your presence. The items are from all over the world, some of which are clearly the vessels of very evil spirits, which are used during the rituals. There is one item, an urn, that contains a plague that completely destroys the immune system, which would cause anyone that came in contact with it to contract and die from several infectious diseases all at once. It could be used to completely annihilate existence.

There's are items that unleash various forms of the Croatoan virus. Certain ones would turn humans into ravenous zombie-like creatures while others could make an entire civilization disappear over night.

There is another item that houses Pazuzu, which up until now we thought was just a myth. It appears almost like a lantern but it is alluring and attempts to seduce you into unleashing him. We have heard of tomes and items that could be used to summon him, which, if ever we came in contact with one in the past, we destroyed it. We also heard that there was a place from which he was summoned. As it was in reference to the king of demons, we assumed that that place was Hell itself. In actuality, Vatican City is the place of residence of Pazuzu's vessel.

There is a necklace that turns the wearer into a indestructible vessel for demons, which can house thousands of demons at once or one powerful demon. Normally, the human body, if possessed with a demon like Pazuzu or even Satan, is not strong enough and it will begin to deteriorate and shut down. Because of this, their time is limited. Even if they ever got out, they would have to return or find new vessels consistently. The necklace goes completely against that. Demons could remain in one vessel and walk freely indefinitely upon rising.

Then there is this piece here. It channels ancient demonic power and allows the wearer to inherit abilities from demons themselves. It does not unleash demons, it does not bring harm to the wearer, it merely grants power usually possessed by demons.

Power possessed by demons is the same power possessed by angelic beings. It is an infinite power but due to this power being where we found it, this is the strongest power of demons or angels that you will ever be able to come in possession of.

Bottom line, this is the best of the best and that is why it was hidden in this room.


ABOUT THIS PIECE: This piece is active as soon as you get it. It is sterling silver. It shows an angel of demonic origin with four snakes, two on the top of its head and two on the bottom. The three legs on the demon form the three sixes: 666. 666, as it is known, if you understand what that means, is the knowledge of all power and the ability to be like God. This is a once-in-a-lifetime piece.

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