Secret Space Facility | STAR
Secret Space Facility | STAR
Secret Space Facility | STAR

Secret Space Facility | STAR

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What if I told you that there was a secret base on the moon constructed to aid in secret military operations in outer space? Before you tell me that it is impossible, you should know that it is not. It is neither impossible or up for debate as to whether or not it could actually happen in the future. It already has.

There are multiple bases, most of which are small outposts but there is one large facility that sits on the side of the moon that we never seen. The reason it has been done this way is because it eliminates any possibility of the facility or the outposts being seen from the Earth's surface. Every photo ever released by NASA of the dark side of the moon is nearly as fake as the ones created to document the moon landings between 1969 and 1972. The expeditions themselves were cover ups. Landings associated with the Apollo program in general did occur, it just wasn't Apollo astronauts that were the ones to land on the moon.

It isn't clear when this facility was built but it was definitely constructed over the course of the at least 6 of the 17 landings associated with the Apollo program for which there is no solid evidence other than what has been fabricated to pacify the general public. Very few know of the existence of this place and even fewer go there due to the nature of what goes on. There is countless amounts of top secret experiments and information gathered in this place, which no one can get to. Some of which will likely never reach Earth's surface.

However, there is some that already has, which is how we found out about this place.

A few years ago, we learned of new information about the Apollo program. Originally Apollo 17 was said to be the final launch and that happened on December 7, 1972. There was another mission that occurred, which would technically have been called Apollo 18 but it is documented instead as simply Apollo X. Documents of this mission suggest a failed launch and it dictates that the shuttle never left the ground, which is why it remains Apollo X without a number or much merit. I imagine that this is a safety blanket just in case anyone were to find out about an launch of unspecified purpose.

There is correspondence between the facility and people that remain on the Earth, however and that is yet another reason how we know it exists. These documents are mostly encrypted and appear to reference other things. They are falsely dated as well.

Among these documents is as follows. There is information about the discovery of the exact function of some forms of alien technology and how to replicate it. The source of information is unspecified. There are reports of things that the items are capable of, many of which specialize in concealing. They also have trials and experiments that revolve around utilizing these findings and finding ways to conceal them from the naked eye. There are photos of a section in the facility, a lab-like room, with countless artifacts. Some of it is modern, some of it appears old. There are even items thought to be lost. They are replicas of things that actual existed, which is shown in individual photos of the originals along side the replicas.

There are also items sent back to Earth when testing is completed, which is how we came to possess one of the pieces designed in this facility. It is not quite what it appears. It was designed to conceal the true alien powers within it. It is very likely that, with the suspicion of aliens already existing in our society, there may be those who know it to be true but are helping them and supplying them with things like this.

This piece is capable of amplifying abilities linked with your mind significantly. You inherit acute telepathy, clarity and telekinesis. The clarity aspects of this piece are very powerful. No form of illusion or deceit will work on you. That includes similar items to this one. You will see everything in its truest form. The telepathy is easy to control. You can also apparate away from your physical being. We have used this part of the piece to explore this facility a bit further, which is how we have gathered additional information that hadn't been in the official records. You can use it however you see fit. You will appear anywhere you desire just by thinking of where you want to go.

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