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During my travels throughout the world, I have seen a lot of things. I have been a lot of exciting places.  However, nothing incites excitement more that the phrase "lost city".  There is just a certain air of enthusiasm that intoxicates the mind when it comes to exploring a place that one has never seen before.  It makes for a child-like wonderment that leaves you wondering what it is that you will encounter and what is to be beheld behind every corner; and not knowing is half of the excitement. 

One of the most exciting places that I've ever been was the lost city of Rungholt Germany.  It was an up and coming medieval town of about 2,000 constituents when the demise of this once promising haven brought the city to its knee.  The North Sea would suffer great tumult in the year 1362 causing a huge storm surge that washed the city out, burying it in watery grave seemingly forever.  However, the city emerged again in the 1920s.  It was when the water receded to reveal this city for the second time that I was fortunate enough to visit all that remained. 

It is important to note that in medieval times magic was prominent.  I mean to say that magic was prominent as well as an oppression of Christian beliefs.  It was considered highly taboo for anyone to think out of place of what fell in line with the beliefs of the Church.  This had led many people throughout medieval history to hide or camouflage their magic in different types of ways.  A good example of this would be the artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci.  There are certain passages that are believed to be codices of magic in the writing of William Shakespeare.  There are even those who believe that certain composers have written music that hold magical tones that will unlock intrinsic powers that have been developed by top-level sorcerers of the Renaissance Period. 

As you can imagine, my excitement rose as the time neared for my travels to Rungholt.  Although, most of the city has been washed away during the previous flooding, I was able to use a magic that repopulated the town to exactly as it had looked before is was whisked away into the sea.  It was projected into reality as a holographic reality that could be seen, touched, and felt.  It literally felt as though I was walking right into a movie screen with the ability to become part of the movie, rather than viewing it.  The experience was quite remarkable if I must say so myself.  It was an immense thrill as I roved the holographic streets of a city that had vanished centuries ago.  I was able to look through the city and experience the things that went on during the Renaissance in this town of Rungholt.  The pianos were of the finest quality, my fingers glided over them like a graceful Eagle flying through the sky.  The architecture was amazing.  However, the most amazing thing to occur in the lost city happened during the last leg of my journey. 

The time had come where I had encountered everything that I thought I could have possibly encountered.  I had found no magical artifacts that I could bring back to reality with me, as of yet, but the experience was exhilarating.  I was pondering all of the days goings on when I noticed a small grate out of the corner of my eye.  It was very large, about the size that would accommodate for one man.  I made my way over to grate to see that it actually led down into the ground, as if it was some type of ancient sewer system.  I fooled around with the grate for some time before I could actually get it open.  I descended into the ground, by means of a rope ladder, for what felt like a mile, although I cannot be entirely sure exactly how long it was.  At the end of the descent I made my way through a hallway that was dimly lit by torches that hung from a wall.  They must have been eternal lights, because I'm not exactly sure how they survived the flood, but these things can be done with the right amount of magic.  Eternal flames are something every sorcerer is fond of. 

As I made my way down the dimly lit hallway, I made out the shape of a piano.  Atop the piano was some sheet music.  Was this it?  All this for a piano?  Well, just a measure to not make my entire trip pointless, I sat down a began to play the notes on the sheet music.  As I did, a door in the wall began to open.  If I stopped playing the solid rock door would slam closed.  Alas, I determined that when I played the entire sheet of music in its entirety the door remained opened and I was able to walk through.  At the top of the doorway were Latin inscriptions that read something like  "Behold what lies within; Magic is thine own."  There were also a collection of different types of symbols and other anamorphic inscriptions.  In the far corner was what caught my eye the most.  It was a roll of parchment and on this parchment there were tiny inscriptions.  I'm not quite sure what language they were in, as it was nothing that I had ever seen before.  I'm not even sure that it was a recognizable language.  A top the parchment was an emblem attached to a rather antiquated chain.  I put the necklace around my neck and the book came to life.  I was suddenly seeing things that I had never seen before.  The inscriptions came to life like a the burst of a firework and in an instant I could see nothing but different types of magic flash before my brain. 

The initial shock of the magic was a little bit overbearing even for myself.  There are so many forms of magic in the item that in order to get them clear, I really had to sit down and focus.  When I did, I realized that this book is the literary version of the sorcerers stone.  It is a record of every magic that was ever practiced.  It is an eternal book to which everyone has the ability to read and understand.  It was written in truth-- the language of the dead-- the same language that the Book of Life was written in. This is why I couldn't understand at first.  We all have an intrinsic connection to this book because it holds the very magic that was used during the creation of Man.  All we have to do is open up to this magic and it will be our own.  Hence, the inscription on the wall.  Hence, the power in the item that I encountered in the secret chamber.  Which, by the way, I have yet to determine whether it is a masonic chamber or Illuminati chamber or to whom it belonged at all.  I guess some things are better left unknown.  Some things just exist as they are.  One thing is for sure though, the parchment will keep writing each and every account of magic that ever occurs, on its own, for it is an eternal record. 

In the meantime, I kept the piece for myself.  I am not offering you the same piece that was in the chamber.  Rather, I am offering you a look-alike duplicate.  I do not know if the time shall pass when I have to return the piece to the chamber, which is why I have kept it.  After the 1920s, the tide rose again and the city of Rungholt was swallowed up once more, like Jonah in the belly of the whale.  However, if in the end times the city emerges again, I may have to return the original, which is why I am offering a duplicate that I have made, personally.  It is as powerful as the original, but easier to use. It slows down the process ever so slightly so that way it transforms the magic into a form that will be completely comprehensive in your own mind.  You will have the undaunted ability to peer into the Record of All Magic to search for those powers and forms of magic that you secretly desire-- or maybe it's not such a secret.  It does not change the reality that this piece will give you whatever form of magic and power you want, all you have to do is ask for it.


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