Sect Rouge, 21 Powers of Voodoo
Sect Rouge, 21 Powers of Voodoo

Sect Rouge, 21 Powers of Voodoo

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The fact that the government is corrupt really doesn't surprise anybody these days. They have been corrupt for centuries now, perhaps longer. They are continuously trying to suppress the spirituality of the masses so that way we can't grow more powerful than they are. They want nothing more than to keep us dumb so that way we can be their little pawns in the wars that they wager for control of the world. However, there is one government that is unlike other governments. They actually send in the authorities and officials to protect the presence of one their longest kept secrets.

The Secte Rouge is a secret society that also goes by the names Cochon Gris and Vinbrindinque. They practice the most horrifying kind of magic that you can imagine. They can be found in Haiti and have been in existence since at least the 1930s when Zora Neale Hurston first reported on their existence. According to the author, she first discovered their existence when she was on a trip to Haiti and woke up to the pounding of a drum. She went to investigate but was met by urgent pleas by her house girl not to go outside, because then both the author and her maid would gather the ire of the secret society and they would be next. The second time that it happened, she approacher her neighbor and demanded to know why he was burning a rubber tire. He told her that if he burns the tire when the secret society is in the area, the putrid smoke deters the members of the society from abducting his child.

So, what to the members of the Secte Rouge do exactly? They are a group of Voodoo magicians that practice cannibalistic ways and human sacrifice. In her accounts, Hurston recalls local authorities being called in to suppress the activities of the Secte Rouge. The truth of the matter is that they were called in to offer protection to the Secte Rouge. The powers of the sect have become so powerful that even local authorities take part in their rituals and use their forces to protect the identity of the sect. They also ensure that none of the sacrifices get away. If they somehow manage to escape the grasp of the sect and end up at the police station, they are driven right back to the sect like some twisted plot in the movie Hostel or I Spit On Your Grave. It's literally like a scene from a horror movie.

This provided, the Secte Rouge has been able to grow substantially in powers. Their captors, which are both locals and tourists who stray too far away from their resorts, are sacrificed to the Voodoo gods the same way less murderous voduns would sacrifice birds or small animals. Then, once the sacrifice is made to the gods, the sect eats the flesh. This is because they hold ancient Voodoo magic, stemming from Africa, that calls the presence of the gods into the dead body. They possess the body, bringing it back momentarily to grant the powers that the sect has asked for. They are literally zombies that grant power. Then, once the power has been emanated into the corpse and the god leaves the body, it is eaten. This is how the individual members end up with the powers that they have asked of the god or goddess they have conjured. It is a very macabre process, but it is the process by which the sect has managed to grow in power and acquire the magic that they want and need.

In addition to eating the flesh to gain the powers and presence of their Voodoo gods and goddesses, they also decorate these bodies with jewelry. This jewelry is then on the cadavers when they are reanimated with the presence of the deities. The pieces are then given the same powers and are usually kept by the leaders of the sect to grant magic when they cannot get their hands on a sacrifice. To this day, the authorities in the island are in on the practices of the Secte Rouge, mostly because they are afraid of what the sect can do to them if they refuse to participate. Some of the elected officials even take part in the actual rituals and eat the cadavers. Of course, the goings-on is then covered up and police reports and affidavits are altered. Nobody will ever know what is going on there, even though we found out, even though the expose was written years ago. Like I said, these days it is covered up, so barring an international investigation, the sect will never be brought to light.

Of course, you know we traveled there. We had to. It's what we do. No worries, though. We made sure we were covered and I'm pretty sure with my new found powers I would have been able to get out of any jam that we found ourselves in. Besides, we did actually travel there, we astral traveled. It was at night while the sect was beating on their drums and performing their rituals. They couldn't see us, but we could see them. We watched while the body of the corpse was reanimated with the gods and it spoke it some ancient language, maybe tongues, that we weren't able to understand. They did some other rituals and stuff, and drained the blood from the cadaver and smeared it all over each other. When the zombie was no longer alive with the presence of the god, they began cutting it up for the feast. This is when we approached the body and snatched this piece off of it. Again, they couldn't see us so, they didn't notice that we had taken it and we don't know if they ever will. I'm sure they were pissed when they found out it was missing, but then again, I'm sure whoever they were eating was pretty pissed that they ended up being a human sacrifice. Fair is fair.

We have tested this piece and it is actually more powerful than we could have imagined. This bracelet does not hold any specific power other than the ability to summon any god or goddess of the Voodoo pantheon. You will need to do your research when using this piece because there are many Voodoo gods, goddesses, loa, spirits, etc. that can be summoned with this piece. You will notice that the bracelet has 21 stones. These stones are representative of the number of powers that you will be able to ask the gods for. This can hold whatever powers you ask for and the power that this piece holds at large will assure that you are granted the powers that you ask for. Once you place power into one of the stones on this bracelet, it is yours to keep and use forever. That is why this piece is so powerful. I mean-- there is 21 stone for 21 powers. That's pretty powerful, if you ask me, especially given the fact that these powers are being set into this piece directly from the gods that you summon. It is one of the most powerful Voodoo pieces that we have ever come across.

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