Seed of Eternal Divinity

Seed of Eternal Divinity

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This piece is called the Seed of Eternal Divinity. This piece was received by the Catholic Church and was kept by them for some time. After receiving the third and the fourth secrets of Fatima, it was revealed to the church that in the future, at a particular date and time, Mary would return to the Earth once again. This time she would be bearing a holy gift. This holy gift is one that comes directly from God and was reserved for what He calls the Terminal Generational.  



This piece is a 100% white light piece. It was given to the Archbishops of the Catholic Church who met Mary at a designated area. The secret was not supposed to be for them, but what was done was done kind of like when Jacob stole Esau’s blessing in the Bible. The Catholic Church hoarded the piece for many years, until Deedee was successfully able to remove it from the Underground Archive and bring it back to HQ.  



This piece has a very simple description for what it can do for you, but it is very powerful. It will plant what is called the Seed of Eternal Divinity with in you. This will kickstart a Divine Evolution that your body will god through. It will manifest the wisdom and powers of God within your soul. These gifts will grow as a child grows and as they grow into a full blow evolution of the soul you will begin to experience revelations. I’m not talking about the book, I’m referring to things that will be revealed to you personally. The Christ Consciousness, the Eye of God, the Crystal Pyramid, the Golden Sphinx, and yes, the End of Times. You will biome a divine one-stop shop for knowledge of all things divine, including white light power creation!  




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