Seven-Branched Destiny
Seven-Branched Destiny

Seven-Branched Destiny

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Located in the foothills of Tenri in Nara prefecture, Japan is a Shrine called Isonokami Shrine. It houses several national treasures including one called the Nanatsusaya no Tachi. In English, this means the Seven-Branched Sword. This sword was used for ceremonial purposes only and even has an inscription inlaid in gold that reads something about routing the enemy.

We have sent Adita on an investigation of the sword after hearing that it holds phenomenal powers. When she came back to us she had amazing news, confirming the ancient powers in the seven-branched sword holds the ability to overcome the obstacles that you may face in life. Each of the seven branches represents different types of obstacles that you will encounter in life, those being "the enemy." In ancient times, this sword was used by Japanese nobility to grant them the things that they wanted by simply "slicing" into their destiny and replacing it with the inability to fail at anything they do.

This piece has been created with the powers of the seven-branched sword and we are calling it seven-branched destiny because of the fact that the ability to overcome these obstacles will literally rewrite your destiny. The types of obstacles that this piece helps you overcome are subsequently listed. This piece is very potent in what it will do for you, eliminating your obstacles completely.

1.) Wealth Obstacles
2.) Love Obstacles
3.) Psychic Ability Obstacles (and blockages)
4.) Luck Obstacles (and breaking of curses)
5.) Health Obstacles
6.) Magical Obstacles (and blockages)
7.) Talent Obstacles (will help you become talented in whatever you want)

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