Seven Towers, Seven Floors

Seven Towers, Seven Floors

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This piece contains an ancient Oriental Magic called Seven Towers, Seven Floors. It was created by us for an Oriental witch who harnesses the souls of 12 dead witches in order to channel the power necessary to create this magic. You can think of this piece as kind of a charging piece if you will. When you use this piece, it opens up what is known as the realm of Seven Towers.

The Seven Towers are seven ancient forms of magic that all people who do magic are constantly searching for. Each tower has seven "floors" or levels of enlightenment that will you experience when you enter. You will travel to the Realm of Seven towers with the magic that is in this piece. You will be allowed to enter each of the towers, one at a time. While you are in the tower, your soul will be recharged and given the magic of each one of the tower. Once you have reached the "seventh floor" you will be allowed to move onto the next one.

How much time you must remain in each tower depends on how prone your soul is to receiving magic. In most cases, people won't have to remain in each tower for longer than one hour in mortal time. Once you have reached the top floor you will gain the full control over that particular power. The powers that this piece allows you to gain are:

1.) Wealth
2.) longevity of life
3.) spell-casting
4.) psychic awakening
5.) spiritual healing
6.) love casting
7.) control of destiny

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