Sexual Electricity
Sexual Electricity

Sexual Electricity

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This is a very unique supernatural sex ring. It almost sounds illegal! You wear the ring and your energy moves through the coil to your someone special. Why is this ring so inexpensive considering what it’s capable of? Well, not everything is perfect! This doesn’t just send hypnotic seduction to your partner but to everyone you come into contact with. That’s the issue with it. Will it hurt you or them? No but it still does what it does.

To use this with who you want to interact with you can just touch them. You can wear this during sex or just around someone. This ring does these things.


This brings a sexual burning for you from who you are around. Not a burning in a sex disease way!


This will make you a seductress!

Sexual contact will be out of this world!

You will be one with the person you are with and be able to share power with them even in a magical way.

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