Sexy Seduction

Sexy Seduction

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Succubi and Incubi are generally a double-edged sword. While we know they show up—invited or not—and put any other lover you’ve ever had to shame, it all comes with a price. They often leave their partners lethargic and generally depleted in any other sense. Granted, while we can admit that it can be pretty worth it with how unparalleled the sex is, we know it could be that much better. Well, we found out more recently, anyway.


This item will summon an Incubus or Succubus to your room—you state which when calling upon them—and they will do as you wish but it will counteract how draining it is to interact with them. This piece feeds off of their energy as they feed off of yours, constantly recycling the energy back to you. You will keep up with them longer, stand out to them—trust us, it is not often that these spirits encounter someone who can handle their presence for long—and they will be more drawn to you in general. Additionally, this piece increases in power over time. The more frequently it is used, the more accustomed it becomes with your own energy, and the more easily it can compensate for its use. In other words, it is you that the spirits may eventually not be able to handle.

The spirit that this piece summons for you will come to you and deliver the best astral sex you've ever experienced, complete with astral orgasm.  Since the energies are recycled, you will go rounds and rounds and rounds, climaxing over and over again!!  

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