Shadow Sovereign, the Book of Shade | STAR
Shadow Sovereign, the Book of Shade | STAR
Shadow Sovereign, the Book of Shade | STAR
Shadow Sovereign, the Book of Shade | STAR

Shadow Sovereign, the Book of Shade | STAR

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The Book of Shade is one that, unlike many other grimoires, does not exist in physical form. It is a specific book that can only be looked upon by one individual and that is the Shadow Sovereign, of which there is only ever one at any given time. The reason they can look upon it is because they are reborn from it as well.

The contents of the book is apparently entirely packed with some of the most sacred and rare witchcraft information available, some of which can not actually be used to by the general population of witches and or wizards.

It also documents a number of rituals and or power that otherwise have no trace of existence anywhere else. Most of it is very rare information. Among the rituals, spells or magic, there most powerful one is the ritual required to create the piece that acts as the key that unlocks everything within the book itself. There can only be one in existence at a time and it will only ever been something that benefits one individual for as long as the individual remains alive.

This piece allows you to undergo a very royal and rare transformation that is normally reserved for the new Sovereign. It is a powerful and physically taxing transformation that will take time for you to adapt to, even after your transformation is complete. It will take a number of days for it to pass as the duration of the transformation, due to the amount of power that you will take on, must enter and circulate through the body moderately to avoid damage being inflicted upon you. It is not painful and it is not something that will not pass over time but it is irreversible and you will experience a number of things that must not be taken lightly.

For one, as the Shadow Sovereign, you will manifest unique power that is individual you that cannot be passed onto other witches unless they are witches birthed by you specifically. You can birth spiritual entities that are entirely loyal to you. They will aid you in building a following. You may eventually come to own an entire legion of them if you choose to do so.

However, the longer this power exists, the more you will find your power, energy and general daily life altering right before your eyes. You will draw witches to you but that is not the only thing that find themselves being pulled toward you. The entire supernatural realm is something, as the Shadow Sovereign, you will have access to. Like a King rules over all that rests upon his domain, you will rule over all that exists in the shadows, the shade, the nooks and crannies of the reams and even the spirits, creatures and entities born from shade magic.

There can only be one of these at a time. The reason this piece is so extraordinary is because, as it stands at the moment, there is no current existing Shadow Sovereign and it is the current existence of this piece that is the reason why. It has been created from the Book of Shade by the previous Shadow Sovereign before their death. Becoming one of these is a huge decision. You will become a form of royalty among the realms. You will be able to perform ancient and otherwise lost magic.

You will be able to manage the circulation of magics, this includes power that only you will be able to use. You can also birth new power, which you can choose to exist freely or you can use it by yourself entirely.  Like any king or queen, any choice you make need only really be made with your own desires in mind because in the end, this piece will bring you a kingdom under yourself if that is what you want. You can rule as the Shadow Sovereign.

Keep in mind that accepting the title of the Shadow Sovereign is not to be taken lightly. Though it is not something that will ever bring harm to you - the power you contain is so immense that it produces an aura that can be felt by all things supernatural and even by things that aren't as well. However, there really isn't a way to go back after this transformation. It is permanent and you will rule as the Shadow Sovereign indefinitely.

This item is an original carved wizard face and it must be worn against your chest - he must be able to touch your chest. There is a secret word written on the back and it means 'enter'. The word is Blabek and you must say it out loud while the piece is against your chest in order to activate the item.

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