Shakespeare and the New Atlantis
Shakespeare and the New Atlantis
Shakespeare and the New Atlantis
Shakespeare and the New Atlantis

Shakespeare and the New Atlantis

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This ring is sterling and gold.
Okay not really. It wasn’t really Shakespeare but rather Sir. Francis Bacon who found the new Atlantis.

Here are some fun facts. There was no Shakespeare, well there was but he never wrote books or plays. The real writer was Bacon. Shakespeare couldn’t read or write and neither could his parents. He was illiterate and he was a farmer. Nothing wrong with being a farmer but a writer he wasn’t. I’m really into history and have studied quite a lot. Plus I used to put up with the DPPS who had a degree in history. Although you wouldn’t want him to teach your kids because it would go something like this.  Sit down you little asshole! Okay so the F-ing king did this f-Up thing and that’s how that happened. Any questions you idiots?  Get that smirk off your face you little dickhead! Honest to God he is truly appalling! When he’s not using the f word as a verb, noun or adjective you can kinda understand him.  My father was in the military forever so we were called boy and girl. I didn’t know my name for years. When the DPHPPS moved to Mays Landing I think his neighbors thought their new names were asshole and assholette.  They are dead now so the cycle is broken, until new people bought the house. The new people became what’s wrong with that asshole and did you see her eyes, she a real nutter of an asshole.

No matter what the idiot thinks I asked him about this. Honestly, he’s pretty smart but if you met him you know he belongs in a straight jacket!  He saves plastic containers like the world depends on it. If he’s pulled over by a Po Po as he calls them he would crap himself so they would leave. Now he tells them he has Trumps Asian virus. He then proceeds to tell them he backs the blue. If all else fails, he craps! He’s insane! But, I asked him what he knew about this. He cursed, yelled, bitched about the crazy eyed neighbors, said he was being stalked and then said oh yeah, that was Bacon, are you stupid!? I said can you check my tail light? I then blew dust at him!

I got very little out of him but it was okay because I did my own research. The testing was done but people want to know the history!

So here’s the thing. The Folio came out in November 1623. In October a month before Bacon published a book about hidden codes and messages and how to hide them. He wrote book the Folio and the book. Shakespeares signature has been studied forever and supposedly there are six signatures and none are the same.  Shakespeare was not a writer or on the stage, ever! You see the first book that was published was kept secret for a few hundred years. A few that used it were killed. This book is was the deciphering key to the hidden secrets in the Folio. Some of these things hidden were about the Queen and her secret marriage, murders and other secret matters. He hide in the book about his life and even alchemy. He also wrote the new Atlantis.

Here is where it gets good. The New Atlantis and how to get to it was hidden in the Folio. You could maybe take a crack at it yourself especially if your on lockdown doing nothing hoping Corona doesn’t get you. Or you could buy this.

This piece opens up the portal to the New Atlantis because that is where they all went. Most of the crystals and all the people went with. This is I’m guessing like a dimension that is to the left of us? It’s not in front of us, it’s kind of to the left. I know someone is saying WTF is she saying? Well we have another dimension directly in front of us where we also live, our doubles do. This dimension is different, it’s to the left! I think the close dimensions are close because they have been here at one time or resided here. I think this is why the doubles are in front of us. You don’t have to travel far.

This piece allows you to travel there and see real history and benefit from the New Atlantis. It seems they have been waiting a long time for us to go there. They hold extreme knowledge of codes, magic and star travel. They can empower objects with heavy tech ability and mind magic. This portal to them will open up to you using this.  How Bacon figured it out I don’t know. What I do know is it was meant to remain hidden until now for a good reason.

Do you want to live forever? It’s just a question for some among many other questions you could be asked.

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