Shout Your Voodoo

Shout Your Voodoo

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Since it seems to be the thing to do these days to "shout out" things that you are proud about, we decided to call this piece, "Shout Out Your Voodoo." It may make you seem like a "weirdo" to the rest of the world that doesn't believe in magic, but I can tell you this much-- it's a hell of a lot better than getting on social media to shout out your abortion. That's disgusting-- but that's not what we are here to discuss.

This piece was created when we discovered Madame Delphine LaLurie on the astral realms and she agreed to help us make it. It holds the power of the blood voodoo that she did while she was still alive and living in New Orleans. It is some of the most powerful Vooddo magic around, maybe only second to the pieces made by the hands of Marie Laveau. Either way, when you wear own this piece you will be able to "Shout Out Your Voodoo!"

What does this mean. Well, this piece opens up like a locket. You will collect your personal effect or a small picture of whom you want to cast your voodoo magic upon. You will then shout out what you want to be cast upon them. The magic of Delphine Lalurie will then begin to work. A blood ritual will be performed on the astral plane and your spell will be cast upon whoever's face you are seeing in your mind when you shouted out your voodoo. This piece can be used over and over again, but if you are going to switch people, I would highly suggest a salt bath and 24 hours in between the two people. You don't want to get them muddled and mixed. That might not be good if you are trying to cast wealth upon your granny and revenge upon your ex.

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