Shroud of Turin, the Healing Presence of Christ

Shroud of Turin, the Healing Presence of Christ

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This turquoise and sterling silver piece has received its energies from the Shroud of Turin.  This is the loincloth that wrapped around Jesus as he hung on the cross.  After his resurrection, the shroud was collected.  Following his ascension into Heaven, Jesus' face appeared on the Shroud.  Those who touched it have reported all sorts of miracles from holy visions to miraculous healing to raising the dead.  it seems that whatever they ask for while touching the Shroud was granted, similar to the way the beggar reached out to touch Jesus' cloak and was healed. 

This piece has visited the shroud and now contains its energies.  As such,  when you wear this piece you will be acquiring the healing and miracle granting presence of Christ.  There is nothing you have to do to activate the presence, as this piece simply gives it to you.  When using this piece you will meditate with it, developing the connection to Christ and then asking him to grant you healing or the miracles that you are in search of.  

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