Signet of Solomon:  Djinn-gle All the Way!!

Signet of Solomon: Djinn-gle All the Way!!

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This piece has a lot of history to it. To begin with, the item that you are looking at is a pair of antique sterling silver earrings, with a bell inside that jingles. I know that you might be thinking that you don't want bells hanging from your ears, but they really don't make that much noise and the noise they do make is absolutely necessary for fulfilling the magic that they have to offer you. This magic is a one of a kind magic and we will get into where it comes from shortly, but I wanted to get the craftsmanship out of the way first because the ay that these earrings were made really have a lot to do with the magic that they hold. You've heard a lot about the Freemason and their Masonic Temples and that they banded together to support each other in what was essentially a dying trade. I mean, there are still masons around these days, but there isn't nearly the need for them as there was just a short hundred years ago. The same principle applies to smiths. They also had their own fraternities set up to help their industry. While they will never be as popular or talked about as the Freemasons were and still are to this very day, they have also left their mark on the world. Not only have they left their mark on the world at large, but they have also left their mark in the world of the supernatural.

So, what does this have to do with this particular set of earrings? Well, this set of earrings was made by a member of the smith fraternity that I just told you about. In particular, this piece was hand created by a silversmith, which is basically unheard of these days. Everything nowadays is die-cast or made in a cutting machine. Not these. These were handmade by an old-school silversmith. What's even better than that is that they weren't just handmade, they were made with an ancient power that has been handed down from the generations of smiths before him. This goes for blacksmiths, goldsmiths, silversmiths, brownsmiths, bladesmiths, all kinds of smiths. If you were a smith, you most likely belonged to this clandestine group of metalworkers. I'm not saying that all of their work was paranormal in creation, but some of it was. These earrings happen to be an example of the creation of power by a spell that was inlaid by the smith who made them. The powers came from the ancient Seal of Solomon, which kind of looks like the six-pointed Star of David, but it's slightly different. You see the Star of David is solid, the Seal of Solomon looks like the Star of David, but the lines to make the star are laced, rather than intersecting. The Seal of Solomon was the original symbol that was created for Solomon and he worked it on the Signet Ring that was made for him by a smith. I'm not even sure what metal was used to forge Solomon's Ring, but it was originally forged by a smith who shaped and crafted the ring with the Seal of Solomon. It has been known to grant hefty amounts of powers in the past and will probably do so in the future.

This particular set of earrings was created with the powers and energies of the original Seal of Solomon, which are powers that have been passed through generations of all types of smiths. In this particular case, the earrings were forged with the powers of the Seal of Solomon as a means of conjuring his vast collection of djinn. When the bells from these earrings jingle they might not seem very loud to you. However, in the supernatural realms, this jingle resonates throughout and the djinn that were once controlled by Solomon will not be controlled by you. This is the ability conjure any type of djinn that you want. You will simply envision what kind of djinn that you want to conjure. The energies from your thoughtform combine with the magic of the earrings will summon forth the kind of djinn that you want. It could be a granting djinn to grant your wishes. It could be a wealth djinn to grant you wealth. Conjure a love djinn to bring you, true love. Literally, anything or any power that pops into head has a djinn that can be summoned to help with it and to grant those powers. That why this piece is so powerful. Solomon called upon the names of hundreds of djinn. With this piece, you will gain the same powers and grant conjuring abilities that he had during his lifetime. This well-maintained secret has been passed down along the ancestors of smiths and metalworkers and are now yours for the taking!

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