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Had it not been for my born with supernatural ability I would never had known anything about the unseen world. All around us all the time spirits and beings move to and fro going about the things they wish to do. They are free born and unattached for the most part. Some are born to become children of humans as is the case of the Sila Djinn. This type will always be in service to humans but it used to be to those of royalty or means.

This Sila who's name is Cyris was named after a planet thousands od years ago. His vessel has changed over time but his power remains the same.

When I was first indentured to those insidious gents or wogs I knew I held power but I was also insecure. If I had, had my head on straight so long ago I would never had allowed some of the things to go on that did. it was during that time before my freedom that I became friends with Cyris. Since I was already born with certain abilities and then those increased I could see all beings and spirits coming and going.

Cyris always looked foreign to me,in an alien way. While his looks would not catch any ladies his powers could. He was an odd fellow,not human and never had been. We held many conversations over what his life was like,who created him and what he had done before coming to rest near me.  It was interesting to learn how a different species views humans,even ones that were now immortal.

I personally do not have any experience as to Cyris's power, only to his nature and how he helped me,encouraged me to become what I am today.  Had it not been for Cyris I would have taken a lot longer to break free of my bondage I feel sure. For me my experience with Cyris is one of a friend,not one who granted me wishes. They don't do that anyway, they just do what your mind and heart along with the soul wants.

For others I have seen the evidence of a very caring individual who is not human. His empathy for others is beyond what I have seen in the most emotional person. I can say that he truly cares for those he works with. I gave him at one time to a friend of mine, Sara. Sara was in need of an entire life change.

Sara had her husband cheat, her two children die in an accident and she was bankrupt. There was nothing left for her. Cyris could hear her heart breaking and knew that she felt there was nothing keft to live for. At that time she was fixed in all ways. She was blessed with two more children, loving husband and no financial worries sought her. While I know you can't replace a person you lose,this did give her something to live for. What I felt was the main miracle was the children because she was told after the second one that she could not have anymore. She was granted a entire new life. This is only one of the situations that Cyris fixed among many more.

After a few years he found his way back to me, now he is here again for you. He has most likely met a few of you in a past life so he probably knows you all by name.


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