Silver-Feathered God of Rebirth | STAR
Silver-Feathered God of Rebirth | STAR

Silver-Feathered God of Rebirth | STAR

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The Silver-Feathered God of Rebirth is born form a brutality unlike anything that has ever occurred before to a celestial being, which is an odd concept in itself. It is an ultimate form of purity born of an extreme act of sin. Alive, they are rare and extraordinarily pure, they cannot be looked upon by the eyes of mortals and most immortals and they appear in White Light form that omits a sound so pitched that it almost always causes instant hemorrhaging to anyone close enough to hear it. They are rare, dangerous and powerful which is why it is safe to say that this ancient immortal magic is easily one of the most extreme but also one of the most dangerous because of is nature - this magic is not meant for us.


Only two of these exist in all of humanity and we are fortunate to be in possession of both. It is with a tremendous amount of testing and consideration that we have decided to offer just one of these items.

Just to clue you in on how serious this piece is, we are going to reveal some of the test records from the testing period of this piece, dating back about fourteen years ago when it is actually created. We will not be releasing any information about the second one that we do not plan on offering.

When there is an extreme disturbance across the realms, anyone connected to them can feel it. This is only more true for those whose power is entirely dependent on the stability of these realms. Around this time in 2002, I met a woman named Estel and she was one of the most powerful psychics I have ever met. Her third eye was entirely opened and she was actually a member of The Optical, which is a very secretive and close-nit society that believe in the practice of breaching the Silver Trine - the sacred tether passively connected to the third eye that usually is never accessed by any one regardless of how psychically awakened they are. Even fully awakened psychics tend not to access this because of how dangerous it is. It is not the power that can kill you, it is the psychological strain - your mind can crack and you can slip out of touch. In other words, you literally lose your mind.

On the other hand, if you survive, there is a - excuse the wording - metric ass-ton of sacred knowledge and power that becomes accessible to you. The Silver Trine is basically the final frontier of an awakened mind. Through this connection, Estel and The Optical discovered ancient Enochian Runes. They described an ancient angelic creature of which there was only ever four in existence at any one time, one for every corner of the universe. The death or disturbance of just one of these creatures could cause a cataclysm within the Silver Trine. They discovered a way to summon one of them through Estel. I witnessed the entire thing. I watched the summoning of this entity crack her mind instantly, during which blood clouded her eyes and leaked from every orifice on her face.

The entity killed four others who were in its immediate reach before they managed to erect the Halo Bind, a special binding to restrain and contain lethal angelic energy and entities. I could not look upon the entity for long despite also being a powerful psychic but in the few seconds I did see it, it appeared exactly as the runes had described but there was also a bright and holographic light - almost like a beacon - where its third eye was. It was during this time that they decided to pull the crystal from the center of of it, during which the entity became a physical creature, its blood black, thick and metallic like - it smelled almost of brine - but it was acidic to the touch. The Silver Trine was unstable and the entity became dull and dissolved. We think that it died. The crystal of the third eye burned through the hand of the Opticalist that held it and a new entity crawled out from the same portal as the entity except it looked like a translucent feathered wyvern.


It was attached to the stone in this piece, which came from center of the third eye of the entity, which is what connects it to you. It is the same one that was slowly carved out of the entity's eye while it was restrained in the Halo Bind. The power comes in stages but each of them pass through you only once - there are three.

When the first wave hits, you will feel psychologically drained and fatigued. The reason this happens is because you are being awakened and exposed to the Silver Trine at a largely accelerated pace. On a normal basis, you would not be able to survive this but the power of the Silver-Feathered God is what keeps your mind from cracking. This wave is important for you to open up to the next stages and to eventually be able to access the Silver Trine.

The second wave that hits makes you feel physically drained because this is when the god passes through you and aligns with you. You will feel the entity touch and brush over you. In most of the testing, it occurred with a chilled aura.

Lastly, the full awakening during which you will pass through the Silver Trine. During this, you will see an excess amount of knowledge, experience power and be exposed to complete white light entities all in a matter of seconds. This process would normally take years but everything that this piece does as well as the entity attached to it is about getting things moving as quickly as possible. It is straining and even after you get through it, you will need to grow used to the power. You will only be able to access the Silver Trine for short periods of time at first. You will only be able to interact and look upon the entity for short periods of time at first as well. Like I said before, this power is not meant for humans. It it ancient, immortal and as potent as the same raw magic that is typical used in divine creation. It us not unlike the power God used to create all things under him, including the angelic beings. This piece must be taken seriously as the power it contains is no joke.

Again, there is only two that we know of. We will not be parting with both so we are offering one. Don't hesitate - you will not have another chance at power like this.


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