Sing Softly Sweet Crow

Sing Softly Sweet Crow

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Today, I will be offering all costume pieces. These ones have been done differently, because we have created an energy to put into them that will allow the powers that we have put into them to be placed into a different piece, using a charging box. We did this for two reasons-- 1.) If you don't feel like wearing costume and you'd rather have this power in sterling or gold, you can create it. 2.) To make them more affordable. Remember, the 2018 Christmas sale ends in 6 days-- use code "xmas18" at checkout for 50% off this item until 01/01/19.

They say that the song of the crow is enough to drive a person mad if they are left to listen to it for long enough. That is why it is a favorite of horror movies. The crow is a very dark, yet stately bird. It is the manifestation of all things that appealing, yet we know that we should not have or things that we would not otherwise have if it wasn't for magical intervention. See, for some people, there is a pang of certain guilt that lingers over obtaining things through magic. This shouldn't be the case, magic is nothing more than baking the perfect cake. If you mix enough ingredients together in the perfect proportions, you have something tantalizing and delicious.

This piece has been designed to create all the powers that you ask of it. It gives you what it called a messenger spirit, who will appear to you in the shape of a stately crow. Sometimes you will be able to see your crow, other times you will be able to feel him. You will know he is watching without actually being able to see. These are the times that you will call out exactly what it is that you want. If you aren't alone in the home, you can simply say it under your breath. Messenger spirits are attached to you and can understand what you are saying because they are telepathically connected.

Once you tell your crow what it is you want, it will ascend into the astral plane and will mix together the perfect ingredients to bring you the most powerful form of the ability that you have for. When he returns, he will sing this magic to you like the song of the crow. Listen to him, because it contains psychic vibes that are going to give you the abilities and the magic you have asked for!

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