Six Ancient Powers From the Pyramid of Atlantis

Six Ancient Powers From the Pyramid of Atlantis

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We made this piece while testing another piece that was listed today called the City of Two Pyramids.  While using this piece, we were effectively able to travel to one of the ancient Pyramids of Atlantis. Of course, these pyramids are long gone now, but it actually transported us back in time to a period shortly after the pyramids were built.  Of course, magic was used to build these pyramids themselves and there is also a great deal of magic stored in these pyramids. This is the ancient magic that has been developed by Atlantean sorcerers, but also the magic of other sources such as extraterrestrials that had visited their ancient lands.  

This necklace is one that we found in one of the temples.  We took the liberty of taking it and bringing it back to our headquarters for testing.  What we found out is that each of the larger blue stones holds an ancient power that is associated with the Mayan culture and their ancient knowledge.  When you wear the piece you gain six ancient powers and these are only a couple of the powers we saw in the pyramid. We are working on a piece that specifically allows you to astrally teleport to the pyramid until then the only way to get there that we know of is to use the piece that I just told you about.  

So. let’s get straight to the point.  Here are the six powers you will gain when using this piece:

  1. Ancient Atlantean Wealth-- pretty self-explanatory and will come in all areas of your life and in many different forms.  
  2. Atlantean 3rd Eye-- this is a 3rd Eye Awakening that will grant you full control over a complete set of psychic powers from the ancient Realms of Atlantis
  3. Atlantean Life Guide-- this is not a spirited piece, but when you use it, you can use this power to conjure an Atlantean Sorcerer who will come to you and be your life guide.  You can tell this entity what it is you want out of life and he will make sure that everything you want is what you get.
  4. Atlantean Spell Casting-- ancient Atlantis was not without its witches.  Of course, they take a much different from that the witches of the times that we are all familiar with, but they are very powerful in all that they do.   This piece holds their knowledge and can literally cast any spell for you, simply by you projecting it in thought form.
  5. Atlantean Seduction-- this is pretty self-explanatory as well, but when you wear this piece you will be able to charm and seduce anybody that you have your sights set on.  This will definitely get them into your bedroom and has the potential to grant you, true love, as well.
  6. Atlantan Anti-Gravitational Astral Travel-- this piece allows you to leave your body in your astral form and to travel to anywhere you want throughout the universe.  Having said this, the astral travel power does not have a connection to the Atlantean pyramid where we acquired this piece, unfortunately. However, if you happen to come across it in your travels you will be able to enter it.  You must find it first.

The powers in this piece are phenomenal and will change your life in unforeseen ways.  Enjoy!

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