Six Tears of Christ

Six Tears of Christ

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Christ is weeping for humanity as we speak.  His church has become so apostate that if he had died in the first place, he'd be rolling around in his grave.  Good thing he was resurrected.  Either way, this piece came to me in a vision that I received while I was riding the Amtrak train to New Jersey.  The amount of diversity on the train was incredible.  Everyone knows I love to learn as much about culture as I can.  Well, I stopped to talk to this Coptic Priest that I saw.  He was dressed in full attire.  From his chest dangled this very large Coptic cross.  When I spoke to him, I shook his hand.  I couldn't help but brush up against the cross.  When I it sent a jolt of electricity up my arm.  

While I was on the train, I thought I had fallen asleep, but apparently, I was just being given a vision.  Next thing you know I'm looking up and Jesus is standing right in front of me, with his arms stretched outward.  My first thought was, "Uh oh, we're about to crash."  But then a calming sensation came over my entire body and Jesus began to weep tears.  He wept six tears in total, which I collected into this piece.  Before the tears touched this piece, it was just a plain silver necklace.  The teardrops began to take form after three days.  

After testing this piece, I realized that the six tears that I've collected contain six miracles that were cried by Jesus' eyes for humanity.  When you wear this bracelet, you manifest these miracles.  The miracles you get are as follows:

1.)  72 names of Gods, which are 72 white light spells

2.)  White light protection to keep you safe from dark forces. 

3.)  The ability to command all angels. 

4.)  The ability to do white light healing and the casting out of demons. 

5)   The ability to raise the dead in spirit form

6.)  The ability to speak in tongues to communicate with all ancient forms 



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