Sixteen Angels and A Candle

Sixteen Angels and A Candle

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If you're in the market for some white light holy magic, then this is the piece for you. The energy that this piece comes from is an energy that we round in a rickety, old abandon church that we came across in the coal regions of Pennsylvania. It makes sense because most of these small towns were settled by either German Protestants or Irish and Italian Catholics. As the coal industry died, these towns became abandoned or parts of these towns became abandoned. There are even old towns in the woods that nobody really knows about. I mean, I'm sure there are records of these places somewhere, but the knowledge of these places aren't commonly known among the general population. It was a place like this that we found the old church at. In the basement of the Church was a replica of the Holy of Holies, which really has me thinking that there was more to this place than we actually know, but we will never find out, because there wasn't a soul in sight and when we went to a local diner the townsfolk looked at us like we had three heads when we told them about the place.

Either way, the energy from the reconstructed Holy of Holies was very active. I'm not saying that it was as powerful as the actual Holy of Holies or even as active as some of the other places that we've been. However, it was active enough for us to be able to make this piece. There 16 angels on this bracelet and these represent the 16 angels that you are able to conjure when you own this piece. You will have to do your homework for this piece because you will have to decide which 16 angels you want to set into this piece. There are many angels of varying powers and this piece can conjure any of them, including archangels. To summon these angels you will first need to make a list of the 16 angels that you wish to summon for their powers. You will then read the list out loud, calling the name of each angel three times. You will then light a white candle, burn the paper that you wrote the names of the angels on and wait for the candle to burn out. Don't use a tealight candle. That won't burn long enough. We have had some people try to take this shortcut before with pieces that we have offered and it doesn't work out for them. You need enough of the candlelight to activate the powers in this piece, which you will let rest in the light of the candle until it burns out.

Once the candle has burned out, you are going to wear this piece for a period of three days. After the three days, your angels will begin showing up to you. They may or may not show themselves to you, but you will know that they are present simply by the energies that you feel from their presence. At this point, you will be able to call upon your angels out loud for their powers, so it is probably a good idea if you make a duplicate list of the angels that you have set in your piece, just in case you are like me and forget everything.

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