Size 11 Sterling Silver Men's Ring with a Black Stone:  Siberian Magical Powers Hidden in the Pentagon
Size 11 Sterling Silver Men's Ring with a Black Stone:  Siberian Magical Powers Hidden in the Pentagon
Size 11 Sterling Silver Men's Ring with a Black Stone:  Siberian Magical Powers Hidden in the Pentagon
Size 11 Sterling Silver Men's Ring with a Black Stone:  Siberian Magical Powers Hidden in the Pentagon

Size 11 Sterling Silver Men's Ring with a Black Stone: Siberian Magical Powers Hidden in the Pentagon

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The battle known as the Cold War was at its height in the 1980s.  For those of you who don't know the Cold War was not really a war at all.  Rather, it was a nuclear arms race, with the possibility of nuclear war and the destruction of the entire planet a very real possibility.  It was a race between two of the heftiest countries in the world to bolster up their armed forces in a show of might to the other.  It led to the downfall of the Soviet Union, even though I'm not sure that either side really won.  Tensions still exist between Russia and the United States until this very day.  I guess the two countries just have different ideologies and they will never see eye to eye on even the most basic of things.  As we speak Russia is probably sending nuclear arms to Iran, who supports ISIS and other terrorists, so that way these people have a better chance of destroying America, which at this point shouldn't take that much thanks to .

My point in telling you all this is that while the muscles of military and might were flexing, there was also a battle brewing in the background.  This battle is unlikely one that will ever be admitted to by either side, but the presence of which is very real.  You have to understand that behind ever-powerful government is a super-powerful group of operatives.  They are the rich and the powerful-- the elite of society of if you will.  They are the ones that control everything.  Some would call them the NWO.  Others might call them the Illuminati.  The point is that just like there are groups of people who don't get along, you can imagine that when you get a bunch of pompous rich guys who want to rule the world in a room together, there tend to be some tensions.  This is more or less what was happening behind the scenes.  Two groups of ruling elites who wanted to rule the world and a dispute between them that could have ended in world-class warfare.  It's not that they care about territorial disputes or ideology even.  Both sides wanted to be the most powerful-- to have the most magic and the most wealth.  When you factor in both of these successes, then you have a group of people who can really rule the world, not just somebody who wants to sing a song about it.  

During the Cold War, behind the scenes, there was also another type of race.  This race was one in which the two opposing forces tried to garner the support of a multitude of powerful beings and entities, so that way they could say that they were the most powerful  The result was two factions of very, very powerful beings that were ready to square off at a moments notice.  If you think that Nuclear War would have been bad, think about the coming of Apocalypse or Hell on Earth, on Clash of the Titans-- but apply that to real life and that would have been the case.  I'm not really sure how the governments went about recruiting these specialists, but they did.  It was during this time that the KGB was heavy on recruiting and managed to recruit one of the most powerful sorcerers to exist on Earth.  He wishes to remain nameless, so he shall.  

I can tell you this much.  He is a contemporary of the late Monk turned sorcerer Grigori Rasputin.  Rasputin was the personal healer for the Russian royal family at a time when the country was facing the turmoil of World War I.  He was never touted for his other abilities, but I can assure you, only due to pieces that we have gotten in the past, Grigori Rasputin was not all about white light healing.  No... he had a lot in it for himself too.  He managed to develop a very complex system of spells and magic based on the magic that he was taught while he was nestled away in a monastery as a monk in the Siberian wilderness.  Yes, some people live out there.  I guess when the only thing you have to look forward to are sub-zero degree weathers, you tend to be able to concentrate on yourself more and open up your own faculties of magic.  This is what Rasputin had done, only he had been blessed in ways that nobody else of his time was.  I don't know why he was blessed or who made the decision to make him that way, but I guess those are the mysteries of the universe. 

The early 1900s Rasputin started a mystery school.  He approached the tsar, whom he had made his ally through healing his children, and implored that the tsar allows him to change his name.  Rasputin argued that there were six families with the name Rasputin and it was causing great confusion.  He sought to change his name to Rasputin-Navyi, or "New Rasputin."  It was under this new alias that he founded his self-titled mystery school, the New Rasputins. He taught his students the ways of ancient sorcery that he learned while isolated as a monk in Siberia.  Siberia is a strange place to begin with, so I'm sure that the magic that he taught his students was very powerful.  Well, with this piece I have no doubt in my mind.  

The reason for the whole history lesson is because during the Cold War the KGB sought out the likes of a contemporary of Rasputin.  Again, he shall remain nameless for the protection of his own identity.  The person who gets this piece will know his identity, but other than that there is really no need to put names on the table.  This is also to protect the rest of his family-- the mystery school of Rasputin, which is still going strong today, despite rumors that Rasputin has died.  He staged his death and has since devoted his time to developing his magic even more and sharing with his students.  This particular student was his strongest student and left the mystery school to go his own way, even though he still pledges allegiance to the school.  He was sought out by the Russian enumerate the amount of powers they had.  The student accepted, but it wasn't long until he was also recruited by an American spy in the KGB.  Thus the sorcerer was won over by the Americans and promises that were probably never fulfilled.  Both sides were crooked and corrupt.  I guess it was just a matter of where you really wanted to be.  Why this guy chose America, I'm not sure.  Either way, he was key in the American victory over the Cold War.  I'm not talking about the arms race, I'm talking about the stuff that was going on behind the scenes-- the race to see could develop the most supernatural leverage.  

The ring that I am offering is one that was made in conjunction with the sorcerer and American top military personal.  It has been taken for us from the Pentagon.  You know the drill with that.  We don't say names.  Just know that it was gotten for us and now I am able to offer it to you.  What you get with this ring is the ability to summon this sorcerer, who is Rasputin's contemporary.  He is just as powerful as the original monk, he just doesn't hold as much authority.  His powers and magic are his equal though, so there is nothing to be feared when it comes to potency with this piece.  I doubt there are many out there that can actually beat this piece when it comes to sorcery.  What this piece does for you is the very definition of sorcery.  It allows you to source magic.  What I mean by this is that it allows you take all of the ancient energies and forms of knowledge that exist in the world, to first acknowledge them for what they are, and then form them into powers.   There are tons of these energies on this Earth.  We have to embrace them for what they are or they will go to waste in spite of a watered-down human mind.  In Siberia, there must be a lot of these energies, because Rasputin has become very powerful.  So, back to sorcery.  This piece allows you to source any kind of magic that you want using the energies that are around you in everything.  There are nests of energy all over the place that come in through astral channels and they are just left to sit.  This will allow you to identify these energies and then collect them to use them to develop any power or ability that you could ask for-- wealth, love, astral travel, time travel, necromancy, third eye awakening, spiritual cleansing, healing, and many, many more. PRICE WAS 355.00

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