Skinwalker Ranch, Platform IV | STAR
Skinwalker Ranch, Platform IV | STAR
Skinwalker Ranch, Platform IV | STAR

Skinwalker Ranch, Platform IV | STAR

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There is a ranch in Utah that is now the property of the National Institute for Discovery Science. They purchased it for research of previously reported incidents, which include the mysterious appearances of crop circles, sightings of UFOs, mysterious creatures, spirits, telepathic interaction and poltergeist appearances and activity among other things. This ranch has been a hot spot for odd activity for years. Before the National Institute for Discovery Science had purchased the property, it was also not uncommon for cattle to disappear or to turn up mutilated with various organs missing.


For some time it was supposed that predators managing to get onto the land could explain the cattle incidents. However, since this theory arose, it has also been discovered that it holds little merit on account of the fact there really is few animals in range of the Ranch to cause the mutilation found among the cattle. Even still, there were never any predators—wolves, bears, coyotes or mountain lions - anywhere near the area. In short, something else was responsible.

More recently, we have visited this site for investigation purposes as we know a few people in the Nation Institute for Discovery Science. Up until recently, there hadn't been much reason for us to go out and investigate the site but a few of our acquaintances that are stationed on the actual site have let us in on a few occurrences that have yet to be released to the general public. We have also been told that it is unlikely that this information will ever be released... Or at least, it is not intended to be, particularly due to the nature of what goes on.

We intend to tell you what we know and have seen.

Aliens have found a way to interact with the spirits of our world. Whether or not this is a recent discovery or it is something they have been capable of for some time now is unknown. However, the spirits are being manipulated and their behaviors are changing along with their nature. Skinwalker Ranch is filled with these spirits and they frequently attach themselves to the people on or near the property. We believe that this may be one of the ways if not at least a new way for them to control or manipulate people.

Along with us on our investigation, we had two individuals with abilities of true sight and through them we could see these spirits attached to the majority of the people there. There was even one attempting to attach itself to one of our employees. They appear as shapeless dull entities with hollowed forms. Some people we crossed had dozens of them attached to them. They seemed to function a lot like leeches and over a period of time of the these entities being attached to these individuals, they seemed to age and grow weak over time. The more entities attached to them, the quicker this process appeared to be. Additionally, these people are fed telepathic interactions and visions, which cause them to act a certain way.

We witnessed several people slip into what appeared to be seizures, during which they would sit upright suddenly and stare directly at us. We hadn't known and still do not know why this took place.

While we were there, we also witnessed a woman stop in the middle of her sentence, approach a computer and begin to search up a series of things on what appeared to be something very similar to the dark web but it wasn't. It was something we had never seen before and had never had access to. As she searched this page, she was completely catatonic. Her nose was bleeding and she appeared to be holding her breath. Her pupils were blown and she was blinking rapidly. We believe that she was feeding information somewhere at an unfathomable pace. The computer was unplugged as a precaution and an attempt to avoid any further damage from coming to the employee.

However, the second the screen went black, the woman froze up and remained unresponsive and has yet to recover from this state as you read this. We had made attempts to recover some of the things she had been looking for and what we found was a series of locations - four in total - that are otherwise completely off the grid. There is no history of these places existing and so we have no idea how they got there but we believe that they have been there since before mankind existed or at least during the earlier years of our existence.

There is Platform I, Platform II, and Platform III. All three of these locations are situated perfectly apart from each other and make up a perfect triangle at the center of which there is Platform IV. Platform IV is the only accessible platform with an entry way found on the surface. The others are underground and not accessible from the outside. The entry way is a small tunnel that goes for many miles beneath the surface and it eventually opens up to a medium sized temple that seems to be a mixture of Mayan, Egyptian and Greek in structural style.

This piece was created within Platform IV. We are not sure about specifically why the woman had been searching for it or who had desired for her to do so but immediately upon coming in contact with it, we have discovered that it is of a particular origin that we have never seen before. It has not been blemished by time despite it being undoubtedly old.

This item allows you to access a stream of time that is otherwise unknown to mankind despite it being our past. It shows a series of supreme beings, which essentially taught us everything we known. They built our race from the ground up and continue to watch over us. Some of them roam the surface of our planet while others lurk just outside of the Exosphere. This piece does not just open up a time stream for our planet but those of several others, which have not been discovered by us otherwise. With this piece, you can explore this stream and these other places.

We have only explored them shallowly, during which we have been exposed to different locations. We have also discovered that anything you do in these places, it affects things here on Earth so you must be careful with what you alter while exploring this stream but it must revolve around you if you do. You cannot alter anything that does not have something to do with you.

Aside from altering your own past, present or future, we find that you can visit otherwise undiscovered locations, which includes Platform I, II, II and IV. However, this piece works in an odd fashion. You can choose to visit locations based on the power or energy within and from these sources, and, as long as you have visited there at least once, you can draw power and channel it through this item.


This piece is a sterling silver pendent and it is currently on a cord but you can remove it - it does not need to be worn and or used as a necklace. This item is fit for male and female alike.

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