Social Experiment of the Lori Erica Ruff | STAR
Social Experiment of the Lori Erica Ruff | STAR
Social Experiment of the Lori Erica Ruff | STAR

Social Experiment of the Lori Erica Ruff | STAR

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Before dying in 2010, Lori Ruff was and remains a convoluted case. Like Lori Ruff, the Illuminati has seen many faces before it had become what it is today. To become what and who they are today, the Illuminati has spent many years attempting to understand the functions of mankind and how innate behavior and thoughts can be manipulated or controlled.


Lori Ruff was part of a social experiment within the Illuminati that went on from 1983 to 1988. There were two groups of individuals released into separate controlled societies—one with a belief and loyalty under Satan and those with a belief and loyalty under God. Each group was encouraged to pray and continue on their beliefs in such a way that they believed to be natural and normal. In reality, the societies were immersed in modified forms of the same propaganda designed to eventually cause the same response. The result of this experiment was disturbing yet the exact desired outcome; whether their allegiance was to Satan or God, it made sense to each and every individual that Satan was the answer.

They achieved this in stages. The first was subtlemodified prayers, which all were meant to scrutinize and understood, which would essentially, in plain English, glorify Satan as a fallen and oppressed victim. This acted like a seed, which would be planted into their minds. Once the seed was planted, every mind slowly reached the same conclusion and they believed it to be their own discovery; in order for complete peace and order, Satan must ascend. The plans of the New World Order were validated.

By the end of this experiment, the societies were unified to simulate the alleged positive and favorable result of the New World Order. These individuals were then exposed to the Illuminati and their following before being recruited shortly after.


During this time, Lori Erica Ruff was known as Becky Sue Turner, which was the name of a deceased child who had died in a fire in Fife, Washington, in 1971 but she had taken on the name because there was no way to prove that she had stolen the name—it is not uncommon for two people to have the same name. She was 25 years old at the time. She was originally among the believers of God but had been converted. She had changed her name again to Lori Erica Kennedy and gotten married toward the very end of the experiment in 1988, after which she finally became and stuck with the name Lori Erica Ruff.

Her husband, Blake Ruff, had not known about her involvement in the social experiment under the Illuminati but he had acknowledged her strange behavior multiple times. In fact, it was what led to their divorce. He claimed that his ex-wife had been quite disturbed and he had even seen her on multiple occasions speaking to their daughter in an odd way—he could never understand what she was saying. When asked to speak to the child normally, Lori would always become defensive but would never actually listen. Whenever Blake would ask what she was saying to their daughter, she would simply reply: my secrets.


Secrets was another thing that led to the divorce between the couple. It was the fact that Lori appeared to have a number of secrets that she refused to reveal to her husband.

As secretive as she was, it was no surprise that she possessed a lock box, which she kept in the far back of her and her husband’s shared closet. She refused to let him go anywhere near it much less see what was inside it. It wasn’t until after Lori Ruff’s death that this box was released to someone that wasn’t within the family. However, when an attempt was made to locate the box, there was simply no box to be found. The Illuminati, in an attempt to conceal their secrets, had taken the box. We came in possession of it a few years back from an insider. We had come across it more by accident.


According to the contents of this lock box, Lori Erica Ruff was born Madelyn Cross on November 17th, 1958 and she died at the age of 52, not 42—her birth date is about ten years off. She had been a Supreme Occultist, which is a member of a very controlled group under the Illuminati and very few exist at any one time. They do not often die naturally, they are killed by the Illuminati when they are no longer of use and they often make it look like a suicide or accident depending on the circumstance. She was found with two suicide notes, which suggests that her death was an authentic suicide. She may have known that the Illuminati was going to come after her. Either way, the notes were addressed to two individuals.

One was addressed to her husband and the other was addressed to her daughter and meant to be read on her 18th birthday. Both letters were absolutely impossible to comprehend as they were constructed with incoherent ramblings. This is not uncommon for Illuminati members who may attempt to reveal their secrets in code—all secrets will be impossible to understand to those who do not understand what they are looking for.

This piece was also in the lock box. It is not certain why the piece was locked away in the box. It is empowered with an odd encryption, which we believe to be the Luminous Codex. The Luminous Codex is a legendary code that is only ever given to or learned by Elite or Supreme members of the Illuminati. It allows the individual to gain complete access to their brain and the powers oppressed within. It allows them to manipulate any and all powers that they may come in contact with. There is power and energy to be found everywhere but much of it is inaccessible because it is broken down in elements. This piece allows the brain to pull them together and generate a solid tether to the power from which they can channel and from there they can create and use any form of power that they desire. That makes this item capable of all forms of magic, including dark and dual magic.


This piece is sterling silver, for male and female, the stone is real and prized by the Illuminati.

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