Society of the Silver Platter
Society of the Silver Platter
Society of the Silver Platter

Society of the Silver Platter

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TO be honest, when we first received this piece we thought it was a bit macabre. However, it is powerful, so we kept it and we worked with it. The piece was greeted by a group of people that calls themselves the Society of the Silver Platter.  


If you are familiar with the story of the Dance of Seven Veils. This was a dance done by Salome to please king Herold Antipas. In exchange for the dance, Salome wanted John the Baptist's head on a silver platter. She got was she wanted, but honestly it wasn't for the reason you would have thought.  


What nobody knows is that she was a blood-thirsty little things. She knew that the power of God ran through Johns blood and when she received the head she began drinking the blood right from the very platter on which is sat.  


The head eventually made its rounds but is currently on display in some religious museums. Although, nobody ever asks about what happens to the silver platter that his head was brought in on. Well, that, my friends, is what the Society of the Silver Platter is all about.  


We aren't exactly sure how they ended up with the silver platter that John's head was served on, but they did. Silver is a very magically conducive metal. When John's holy blood was spilled upon the silver, the silver retained its divinity.


The platter has been used by the society ever since. It mostly grants them the miracles they need and helps them grant other people miracles when they need them. This piece has also been known to instill divine wisdom into the members of the society of the Silver Platter, as in it has the ability to grant divine, white light magic to you.  


This piece has been made by placing it directly on the silver platter that holds the essence of John the baptist's blood. As such, this piece also holds its essence. You can use this piece to have miracles that you need to be granted for you. You can use this piece to miracles granted to those around you. Lastly, you can use this piece to acquire white light magical abilities. To do so, you will simply meditate with the piece and reflect upon which divine abilities you want. Your reflections will be heard in Heaven and the magic that you want will be granted to you It will also give you protection against evil for as long as you have the piece.  


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