Society of Vrilerinnen Women
Society of Vrilerinnen Women

Society of Vrilerinnen Women

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I'm still scratching my head on how it's even possible that the Nazi's didn't win WWII.  I mean, they really had all their ducks in a row.  I mean, obviously I know WHY they didn't win, but I'm just flabbergasted that they didn't, especially given all the magic that they had going for them.  Now, I'm not trying to imply that the others didn't, but the Nazis were serious, seriously into their magic.  Aside from all the stuff the Hitler, Himmler, and Mengele were into they had side projects going on.  One of those side projects was Hitler's society of female mediums.  It was headed up by one Maria Orsic of Zagreb.  
She was born the daughter of a Viennese father and a German mother.  She was a gorgeous child and as she grew, she began to notice that not only was she abnormally beautiful, but she was also capable of abnormal types of psychic communication.  At a young age, she began telling her parents of her "invisible friends" that she would communicate with.  Her parents, of course, dismissed it as child's play, but as she grew older it became clear that Maria was the real deal.  She told her parents things about their own lives and the lives of her ancestors that she could not have possibly known.  The knowledge of these things was given to her by a group of enlightened individuals, creatures if you, called the Vril.  
The Vril are the ancient ones.  We tell you all the time about the Sumerians and their gods.  Their gods were aliens and these aliens descended to Earth in order to help humankind.  I'm not sure why they wanted to do this, but they have.  The Vril remained on Earth.  They are aliens and their name comes from the Sumerian word Vri-IL, meaning like a god.  The Vril that remained eventually made themselves invisible to humans and developed an extensive network of underground and Middle-earth civilizations.  
To thrive on Earth the Vril used magic that they brought with them from Alpha Cen Tauri, which is where they come from.  This source of magic is also referred to as Essence of Vril, although you probably won't find that terminology anywhere, because this was only recorded in secret Nazi transcripts that were found and kept a secret after the war.  Leading up to the war, Maria began impressing locals and people from far away with her ability to accurately predict the future.  Although this was the only form of magic that she would show to the public, this was not the only type of magic that she had.  As I told you before, she was fully capable of communicating with the Vril.  
Maria attributed this ability to keeping her hair long, to serve as a cosmic antenna through which she received psychic and alien transmissions, but I can tell you right now that was not the case.  However, this is what she believed and when she shared her magic with a group of young women, she would also require them to keep their hair long to received these transmissions, despite the fact that she knew she had to do a physical infusion of psychic powers on these ladies.  For her, it was always about the hair.  I guess when you are young and you are trying to figure things out, the smallest things seem to make sense. 
Her new society was named the Society of Vrilerinnen Women (SVW) and in 1933 they were recruited by Hitler to help him in the war by being his personal psychic mediums.  He also used their expertise to help develop some of his magic that nearly helped him win the war.  However, I guess that he wasn't doing enough.  I'm not saying that his magic isn't powerful, because we all know it was.  However, with the source of magic like the Energy of Vril, He should have been able to wipe out the rest of the map clean, if he really wanted to.  However, the sisterhood did not allow outsiders to experience the true Vril Essence, which is the magic that was given to them directly.  This is the energy that allowed them to engage in things such as creating their own energies, traveling to other worlds, experience the Vril firsthand, and others.  The Vril Essence is the true awakening of the Vril DNA Code within the human body and that was reserved for only the women who were inducted into the society.  
Now, if you think the society has gone extinct, just because the Nazis and the Germans didn't win a war, you've made a mistake.  The VSW is still around, in secret, and going strong to this day.  This piece that we are offering is one of their initiation pieces.  This piece brings on the full Essence of Vril.  It will give you an awakening that will align your minds with those of the vril gods and will create you in likeness to their existence.  As such, you will gain the power and the ability to create your own magic and your own magical abilities.  These powers come from Alpha Cen Tauri and contain a spark of ancient magic that can only be found in that star system, so it is a very exotic and unique type of power that grants you an awakening.  It doesn't matter whether you are a man or women, you can still use this piece to gain the Vril Awakening and the ability to create your own powers and abilities.  It is magic in the making and now is your chance to own it.  

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