Sons of Jezebel

Sons of Jezebel

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Look, we keep telling you all that the end times are upon us. I think a good majority of you believe us when we tell you that. I mean it doesn’t take a genius to look at the world and see what a vile, disgusting place it has become. But, I know that there are still those of you who think that we are crazy. That’s fine. I hope that one day you will hear what we are saying. If you are one of those people who haven’t, then hopefully this piece can persuade you. If you’re one of those that do believe? Well, then this piece will bring you a great deal of power and magic.  



This piece used to hold a very vile, disgusting, dark kind of magic. However, it was intercepted by a white light being that was sent to walk the Earth. He was sent by God for other reasons, not to intercept this piece. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be able to intercept the piece. He then used his extreme white light ability to reverse the powers in this piece, to allow them to be used for white light purposes instead of dark.  



The piece was created by the demoness who is named Jezebel. If you are not familiar with the story of Jezebel, allow me to introduce you to her. She was the Queen of Israel. To be fair, she was a queen consort. She wasn’t even a real queen. She was a princess from Phoenicia who married King Ahab of Israel. She coaxed the king into permitting her to practice her own religion. However, when she attempted to persuade the king she met a very terrible demise. She fell from the top of a building to her death, where her body was eaten by dogs.  



Naturally, she went to Hell. I don’t take the liberty of saying that about many people, but I know this for a fact. She is referenced in the bible several times after her gruesome death. She is the spirit of separation from God. She is used by Satan to commit vile acts in order to win him souls. The most recent vile act is the establishment of a society called the sons of Jezebel. You will see that this piece has Greek letters on it. It’s a Fraternity, but not one that you will easily find on the internet. That is because Jezebel and her evil consorts are using the fraternity in order to gain followers for Satan’s causes.  



The method? That’s easy… sex. Sex sells. It is a human trigger that gets people all worked up and hot with emotion. That’s why Jezebel and her cohorts are targeting only college-aged men. They are young, horny, and easy to persuade into doing just about anything she wants them to. It’s really simple. First, she takes the form of a provocatively beautiful young woman. You know the type. You can’t say no to them. Jezebel becomes that girl. Then she seduces the young man of her choice.  



While she is having sex with him she is pumping him full of dark energy and fertilizing her dark seed. By the time she is done having her way, she has caused his body to become fully possessed and invaded by demonic forces. An induction ritual then happens. She allows the boy to join the fraternity with one goal and one goal in mind-- to entice more victims to join, so she can sleep with them and turn them into soldiers of darkness.  



As a reward, Jezebel’s victims receive an initiation piece. She travels all over the country (USA) promoting this secret fraternity that she has created, called the Sons of Jezebel. She has already possessed hundreds of young men and operations will not stop in the US. As the spirit of separation, she will continue to drive a wedge between humanity and God. She has a vendetta and she will not quit.  



As for the initiation pieces, they are keys to Hell. The Fraternity, the Sons of Jezebel, stay in close contact with one another. They get together to offer sacrifices-- sometimes human-- to Lucifer. They do rituals together. They live together. They eat together. They travel to Hell using the keys that were given to them by Jezebel. They go there to acquire the dark talents of the demons and of Satan himself. They bring this evilness back to Earth where they spread it around to the masses. They are the dark overlords and false prophets doing the work of the Dark Lord. 



When this key was discovered by the white-lighter that God sent to Earth he transformed the piece-- immediately-- into the exact opposite. In fact, this piece was sent to Heaven in its physical form. It was remitted to the white light pyramid, which allowed it to be re-centered and refocused. It is now a key into Heaven that will allow you to travel to the white light pyramid in Heaven. You already know this is where the magic of God has been hidden.  



You will be able to use this piece to rid yourself of any evil or darkness that is trying to invade your life or already has. You will be able to place your hands on others and drive out their demons. You’ll be able to fill their souls with white light. This white light is so powerful that they in turn will want to tell other people about their experience and it will lead people to God. You will be able to grant them the miracles that they ask for.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



That’s cool and powerful, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This piece also gives you unlimited access to the White Light pyramid. You will be able to use this access in order to further your magical advancement. You will be able to acquire any white light magic that you desire. I know that seems like a tall order, but this is magic that was designed by God we are talking about. Whatever magic you desire-- as long as it is white light-- will be yours.  



You will be able to use this piece to walk among the angels of Heaven. In fact, you’ll be able to travel to any place in Heaven that you want to go. We talk a lot about where we’ve been in Heaven, but the fact is that there are far more places that we haven’t seen than we have. You will be able to explore the corners of all seven levels of heaven. This includes acquiring the powers, energies, magic, knowledge, and wisdom that come with being able to do so.  



Lastly, this piece will allow you to become a dual being. This doesn’t mean dual as in dark/light. This piece ONLY does white light magic. What I mean by dual is it allows you to be both a mortal and at the same time an ascended being. This is because of the fact that this piece allows you to travel to Heaven. When you go to Heaven, you will be given an entirely new form to take while you are there, until you return to your mortal body. Think of this as holding dual citizenship in Heaven and on Earth.     




I almost forgot-- this piece also reveals the final plans. This means the final plans of god at the End Times. There's lots of speculation about what will happen, what won't happen, and what the visions documented in the Book of Revelation actually mean. This piece is solid sterling. 




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