Sons of Odin, Rune for Wealth
Sons of Odin, Rune for Wealth

Sons of Odin, Rune for Wealth

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This piece is for those of you who are in love with Vikings and all things Norse.  There is a cult following of Norse Magic called the Sons of Odin.  They dedicate their life to ritual reenactments of the Norse gods, especially Odin, whom they exonerate as the All-Father and the Granter of Life.  It is for Odin that they recount the tales of the Viking gods of ancient times.  For their shows, they get rewarded with a magical piece that is created by the hands of the All-Father himself.  The types of pieces they get vary by day and by show.  The Sons of Odin have managed to rack up quite a collection of enchanted items, which they call runes.  
We were able to score of these so-called runes.  The rune we got is a very powerful rune and brings extreme wealth to those who use it.  This is it.  It is a very simple power, but it is an extremely potent power.  It uses the core of ancient Norse magic to bring extreme wealth into the lives of those who use it.  We have tested this piece and have had people test this piece for us.  It brings wealth in many forms including winning at the casino. winning the lottery, job promotions and raises, unknown inheritance, returns on investment and many others.  We have had 4 different people test this piece and each time it was used, the wealth energies were activated for the person who was using, almost immediately.   

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