Soul Catalyst

Soul Catalyst

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This piece calls upon a spirit of fate call the Catalyst. The Catalyst is the angel who has been appointed by God to be in charge of Destiny. This entity is not to be confused with the actually Angel of Destiny. The Angel of Destiny can alter your destiny, but its main purpose to existence is to guide people along the destiny that has already be pre-chosen for them. It reigns over the destiny that God has already assigned to you. The Catalyst is different because it is an angel that has been created by God for the sole purpose of rendering our destinies. It isn't just the rendering of our destinies that this angel has the ability to do, but it has the ability to completely change your existence. It is the most coveted and sought out angel in all of existence, simply because it is not simply sought out by humans. The Catalyst is also sought out by entities such as vampires, werewolves, warlocks and all types of other supernatural creatures because it has the ability to actually render their existence from one entity to another.

When using this piece, it will act as a soul catalyst that will allow you to temporarily change the formation of your soul. What do I mean by this? Well, when you use this piece, you can tell the catalyst to transform your soul into that of a vampire. You can ask the catalyst to transform your soul into that of an Angel, or a fairy, or a werewolf, or a heavenhound, or a unicorn, or a griffin, or any other type of mythological and/or supernatural entity that you can think of. It will allow your soul to temporarily transform into this state-- for a total of 24 hours. We have designed the piece this way because there is lot more that need to go into transformations than a simple piece. Those are involved. Also, we want to make sure that people don't end up doing something that they are going to regret later on down the line. Also, full physical transformation is quite a burden. Most people anticipate being able to physically manifest into something else until they tell them all that it entails. It is a lot of patience and can be painful. It isn't like the snap of your fingers and you are what you want to be.

That is why this piece transforms your soul using white light soul alchemy. You remain in your human physical state while your soul is changed into the entity of your choosing. Your soul will stay this way for a total of 24 hours, after which you can revisit that soul form if you'd like. If you don't want to you don't have to. While you are in that soul form, you will gain the knowledge and powers of whatever type of entity it is that you have taken the form of. For instance, if you take the soul form of the Phoenix, you will gain wealth. If you take the soul form of a vampire, you will gain the abilities associated with that. If you take the soul form of an angel, you will be able to gain divine wisdom and white light magic, so on and so forth. How you use this piece and what soul forms you take are entirely up to you. This also means what powers you gain are entirely up to you. I can tell you this much, though. The Catalyst can pretty much change you into anything you want, granting you whatever powers and abilities you want, which mean this piece is incredibly powerful!

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