Soul Flight | STAR
Soul Flight | STAR
Soul Flight | STAR

Soul Flight | STAR

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Mastering astral projection is a difficult endeavor for most. In fact, I don’t know a single person who won’t agree.


I came across this item while in a state of lucid dreaming. In my dream, it had been night and I appeared to be somewhere unfamiliar—I definitely was no in my room. It appeared to be more so the inside of a temple of some kind. I was not really walking but rather gliding from room to room. Eventually I had come to a room with a high ceiling, within which I had been ascended from the ground toward the paintings above. I remember specifically reaching the ceiling and my fingertips touching the cracked stone just before waking up.


I found this item among the blankets and sheets of my bed.


Until coming in possession of this piece, I had never astral projected before on purpose. My first time was… well, I’d consider it a complete failure—I was scared out of my mind with what I encountered. I hadn’t been entirely aware that I was protected while I was projected and thus didn’t touch this item for a couple of weeks after that first attempt. I eventually did find the courage to try again. I was curious.


Up until the fourth or fifth—maybe tenth, if I’m being honest with myself—attempt I had been hiding and traveling cautiously to avoid evil entities. I became aware, however, that no matter how well I hid or how quickly I moved, they could sense me. Are you familiar with the fight or flight response? It’s an innate reflex your body experiences when in danger. When in astral projection, fear causes your energy to cap and lose structure, which acts like a homing beacon for these entities.


I eventually realized that they couldn’t quite get to me much less bring me harm, however. In fact, they didn’t ever seem certain that I was there. As I became more and more aware that they couldn’t do anything to me, I was less and less afraid and they began to just wonder away whenever I was there, in search for something that they couldn’t quite find. I became invisible to these entities and could astral project freely.


This item will allow you to achieve astral projection easily, during which you can travel anywhere you wish. You can stay within your own plane, and perhaps watch over your loved ones. You can ascend to higher planes where you can find other spirits and angels. You can visit other places, ones not of Earth. You can also travel in time, but you can only affect time that has to do with you. You will not be able to meddle with someone else’s past, future, or present.


You will likely encounter dangerous entities that want to feed on your energy but they cannot harm you—this item will protect you should you happen upon anything potentially dangerous.


This is a necklace with a pendent that holds a solid perfume inside. To make this work for you you will simply wear or hold it in your hand, open it, and inhale the perfume because the scent is what activates it and gets it going.

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