Soul Surfing

Soul Surfing

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This piece is a sterling silver butterfly pendant with a real Stone.  


This piece holds an ancient Tibetan magic that is called Soul Metamorphasis. This is how the monks of old that lived and practiced in Tibet were able to visit their ancestors and travel to other planes of existence. They were able to train their souls to take the form of other souls that existed at different points of time or belonged to entirely different creatures. It is how they were able to leave their mortal bodies behind once they hit a state of nirvana. They simply underwent a soul metamorphosis that allowed them to take a new soul form and leave their body behind.  



This piece works similarly and was made with the same type of magic that the monks used to channel their souls into the form of other souls. You will be able to allow your soul to take whatever form you want to take. You can change your soul into the soul of anything you want. You can do it over and over again if you want to. That’s what we call Soul surfing.  



Each time you take the form of a different soul, you will be able to acquire the magic and knowledge of the soul you have taken. That kmagic and knowledge will become ingrained into your being and part of who you are. Also, that magic will be saved in your piece.  



Vampire, werewolf, fairy, heaven hound, phoenix, or something else entirely-- you can use this piece to gain their magic through soul surfing and metamorphosis.  




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