Soulless Form

Soulless Form

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We put the chain to this piece, but the pendant itself is an antique.  The magic in this piece is so powerful that it allows you to return to your Soulless Form and to become other entities.  It's very powerful, so this will not be a cheap piece.  Here we go-- 

Sometimes ancient powers are hard to come across.  I mean, not all of them, but some of them. We search and search and go on several investigations just to come back empty handed.  And yes, it pisses up off sometimes, but when we finally find what we have been looking for all along, it is the biggest payout. Trust me, if feels even better than the casino money that we get with our wealth items when we test them!!

The powers of this piece come from New Mexico.  It is an ancient magic that was given to the Natives long before any of the Europeans thought about coming to their land and genociding them.  It was the times that were peaceful for the most part, so the Natives had a lot of time on their hands to notice things and to create energies based on the Earth.  This is how the Natives were able to summon the aliens that gave them this piece.

They say that the drawings on the walls of pueblos and other Native sites indicate a good possibility that aliens visited the Earth, specifically the Hopi Natives.  This piece solidifies that evidence and will provide you with an ability so powerful that you would have to be crazy to deny their existence.

Now, we aren’t sure how these powers go put into this piece.  Is the piece that we found while we were on an investigation. We got it from a Native woman who said that it once belonged to her father, but that she did not desire the magic that it contained and gave us permission to take because she knew the powers in the piece were going to be wasted by not being used.  

When looking at this piece you will notice that it roughly has the form of half of a human.  This symbolizes the formless human soul. This is how the soul exists before it took any bodily form on the face of the Earth.  The powers in this piece allow you to travel back to the times that you existed in your soulless form. You can use this piece to travel through all of your prior life forms to make your memory whole again and to make all the fragments of all realities into one giant whole, so you can understand who you really and what your purpose to existence-- not just this life-- really is.  

Using this piece you may also assume the form of any other human life cycle that you want to.  You can do this to experience what it was like to be them, to know the secrets that they knew and to obtain any and all powers that they had.  For instance, if you are interested in vampirism, you can use this piece to become the life form of Vladimir Tepes and to know all of his knowledge.  If you want to know what it feels like to be extremely and to gain his wealth powers, you can assume the life form of Bill Gates. It doesn’t make a difference whether the other person is alive or dead, because you will be assuming their form and gaining their powers in a parallel universe.

So, travel back in time to your own soulless form.  Use this piece to know yourself and gain your own powers lost to time OR become somebody else, know their lifeforms, and gain their powers.  Either way, you look at it the amount of power in this piece is amazing and possibilities are endless.

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