Sow the Seeds of Dissension

Sow the Seeds of Dissension

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This is a magic that can be used in more ways than one.  At first, we were going to make this more geared toward relationships and love.  Then, we realized that this piece can be useful overall to get even with anybody you want to.  It's amazing.  

This piece allows you to "sow the seeds of dissension".  First and foremost, you can use this piece to sow seeds of doubt and dissension between couples.  For instance, is your daughter dating a scum bag?  Then sow the seeds!  Does your husband have a mistress?  Sow the seeds!  Did you fall in love with a man that secretly has a wife?  Sow the seeds!  These little bits of magic that you will cast upon them will cause stress and grief to the point that the relationship will never work out.  Then you can sneak in and take over.  

You can also use this piece to sow the seeds of dissension on your enemies.  Is there somebody that is constantly bothering or harassing you?  Sow the seeds, make their life miserable.  Is there somebody who stole from you and you can't really get back at them?  Sow the seeds!  Have hoodlums taken over your neighborhood?  Sow the seeds!!  

You see, this piece holds an energy that will sneak in on your target and disperse negative energy in a way that will manifest whatever you want to happen, i.e. the hoodlums move away, the mistress leaves your husband alone.  It is simple to use and has astounding results!!  

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