Sparkle and Outshine the Competition
Sparkle and Outshine the Competition

Sparkle and Outshine the Competition

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Sorry fellas, but this one is for the ladies. Unless of course, you want to be a beauty queen-- then, by all means, this one can be for you, too. However, if beauty queen isn't your theme, then leave this one to the ladies.

At one point in time, this piece belonged to a barely-twenty-year-old girl. She was an up and coming actress in an industry that is all about image. I can't give you a name, due to the fact that we signed an NDA with her. However, you can think blonde bombshell, RomCom type actress. Let your imagination run wild.

Either way, when she was first starting out she was quite homely looking. You know, kind of plain. She was horrible to look at, she just didn't have the pizzazz of some of your other Hollywood beauties. She came to us for advice and we actually had this piece made for her.

This wasn't the only time we dealt with her either. She has bought love items from us because let's face it-- once you're famous it's kind of hard to avoid the gold digger. She was also really into astral travel and the Mayan culture.

Anyway, she recently gave this piece back to us so we could offer it to somebody else that needs a hand up in the entertainment industry. When wearing these earrings they will make you appear more beautiful and illustrious to those around you. You will give off an energy and air that will make people gravitate toward you and want to know more about.

You can use this piece regardless of the type of entertainment you want to get into. Whether you want to sing, act, dance, become a visual artist, or otherwise. Not only will these earrings allow you to sparkle and outshine your competition, but, the energy that is in them will allow you to pick one thing that you want to be famous for. You will then gain the skill set required to succeed and the ability to become famous and wealthy doing what you love to do!

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