Spirit Swimming-- Catacombs of Paris

Spirit Swimming-- Catacombs of Paris

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It is not a well-known sport, but it is one of the favorites of a group of people who call themselves cataphiles.  These are the people who take particular interest in exploring the places where dead people have come to rest.  In this particular case, we're talking about the Catacombs of Paris.  The sport?  Well, they call it spirit swimming.  

What is spirit swimming exactly?  Well, there are these pools of water that exist in the winding tunnels of the catacombs.  If you can make it through the claustrophobia-inducing corridors of the catacombs, you will eventually find unmapped swimming holes  This is where the cataphiles gather to go spirit swimming.  By their accounts bathing in this water has brought them powers and abilities beyond their wildest imagination.  The souls of the dead swim with them in the water and the conductivity of the water allows the powers to pass from spirit to human.  However, this has only ever happened for them in the Catacombs, as this is a very powerful place that provides powerful magic.  

These pieces have been bathed the water holes of the Parisian Catacombs.  When you use this piece you will wear it with you anytime you are in water-- the tub, a pool, the ocean, etc.  Make sure you have the name of a soul you want to call out to.  Once you are in the water, this piece will give you and the water a spiritual charge.  This will allow you to call spirits out by name, who will come to your pool of water (whatever you have chosen).  Your spirit will go spirit swimming with you, during which the powers of this spirit will be transferred from the spirit to you.  You can summon any spirit with any power to make your own.  You can also use this piece more than once to grow your power.  

We have 2 of these.  You get 1 of the 2 shown.  

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