Spiritual Evolution of Arkhaim

Spiritual Evolution of Arkhaim

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On the Southern Urals Steppe, there is located a structure called Arkhaim. It is a megalithic structure that some have ventured to say was the equivalent of Stonehenge. Some go even further and say the Arkhaim is as old as the Egyptian pyramids. Whatever the case may be, this structure exists for one purpose and one purpose only and that is spiritual evolution.

While most probably wouldn't be able to attest to its power because they aren't tuned enough to receive the vibrations, there are a set of vibrations at Arkhaim that trigger spiritual evolution and ascension. This spiritual ascension gives you a psychic breakthrough. This breakthrough gives you a whole slew of psychic abilities. These abilities include the ability to read minds, control minds, astral travel, time travel, move things with the mind, bilocate, see the future, dream manipulation, energy manipulation, and spell casting just to name a few.

This piece has been taken to Arkhaim and the stones on it have absorbed its energies.  When you wear this piece the energies of Arkhaim are brought to you and will experience this spiritual evolution and grand psychic awakening.

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