Spread the Luck!!  Lucky Elephant Ring Maker

Spread the Luck!! Lucky Elephant Ring Maker

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This piece really steps the game luck game up, while helping you to help others in need of the same luck that you are in need of. This piece comes from the Grecian mystery schools, where they actually used an ancient Zulu spell that allowed them to psychically communicate with an Elephant in the wild. When asked what gave elephants their luck energies, the elephant guided the mystery scholars to a place along the leylines called a hotspot. These are places that humans cannot naturally sense, but animals can. For some reason, Elephants, who are also the symbol of eternal wisdom, can sense them better. It was from these hotspots that they are able to obtain the magic that they use. Believe it or not, elephants are almost as magically inclined as humans are and you would never know because you can't communicate with them but think about it Ganesha appear as an elephant so that has to mean something.

Either way, when using this piece you can place one or several rings on the trunk of the elephant. It is a ring holder, but it holds the ability to transfer the luck that has been set into this piece into rings of your choosing. You can choose the kind of luck that these rings will get and then either keep them or send them out to your friends so that they can be as lucky as you are!!

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