Sri Yantra:  Manifestation Of Worldly Desires and Answered Prayer

Sri Yantra: Manifestation Of Worldly Desires and Answered Prayer

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It the beginning there might have been a void that God spoke into, but that does not mean that the universe was devoid of anything. On the contrary, there were a bunch of powers and energies that were just floating around in space without any real form or purpose. I don't know if this is what made God's wheels start spinning, but the creation of Earth has essentially taken these energies and powers and glued them together using sacred geometry, numerology, and the powers from the Cosmic Center of the Universe, around which every other form of existence orbits. Whether or not God wanted to give these powers a purpose, he did inadvertently. You know that God is all-powerful being and he is able to use the powers of the Cosmic Center of the Universe to be able to see everything and to be everywhere all at one point in time. He can hear all the voices of humanity at one time. He knows everything. There is nothing that you could possibly see or discover that God hasn't created and that he doesn't already know about. The world is a vast project that he undertook and he knows it very well.

Here's the thing-- there are still leftover powers that exist on Earth. They float around in the atmosphere waiting for humanity to pick up on them. The humans used to be able to see and use this energy at their own free will. However, when God gave them the boot and they found themselves outside of the Garde, much of their magical ability had been stripped from them and they were forced to start over. Thus, all the many spiritual and magical gifts that God had given them were also taken away. A chakra system was set into place, as opposed to the ability to access the cosmic life force through the entire body prior to our reconfiguration. Magic itself isn't inherently evil, it's just that there is a reason why God chose to rescind these powers from humanity. Either way, it doesn't stop the fact that some people are able to manipulate their chakra system or enter into deep states of meditation or go investigations where they find these tidbits of leftover magic and they are able to embrace them and use them for what they want.

Sri Yantra is the name of one of these energies that were first discovered by Hindu monks many, many years ago. Now, I know you're probably thinking, "Wait! Those are monks, not Christians!" I never said that only Christians could discover these powers. This particular energy and power were rediscovered by these ancients monks and really puts a meshing and understanding between the Christian and Hindu cultures, they just happen to believe differently, but can be manifest the same. This energy that has been manifest has become known as Sri Yantra energy. Sri Yantra is a power that alters the mind to allow you to be able to manifest more into your life. It is the ancient art of being able to obtain all your worldly desires and fulfilling all of your wishes.

Hold up. Say what? Yes, that's right. This is one of the energies that God kept hidden from the human mind but is fully capable of coming to fruition through advanced meditation. Good for you that we have already covered the meditation part. This piece holds the residual energy of meditation and embraces the Sri Yantra energies. This allows your mind to manifest all of your worldly desires. This covers a pretty broad spectrum. Literally, anything that you can think of in your brain, you will be able to manifest into the physical realm. It doesn't matter whether this is a power you want, an attribute you want, or something else you want. It allows you to fulfill your worldly desires. End of story. It also gives your mind the ability to grant all of the wishes you think of in your mind and bring them into materialization. We were given this piece by somebody that we have contact with who calls himself chunk the monk. He is one of the only chunky monks I have ever come across. His pieces are always very powerful, as is this one that embraces the root power called Sri Yantra.

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