St Agnes, Keeper of Secrets
St Agnes, Keeper of Secrets

St Agnes, Keeper of Secrets

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The piece says Desiderium, which is a phrase of solemnity that can be translated as having a longing for something.  In this case, it was the longing for a life taken too soon.  There are many times when a person is prosecuted for their faith, but there is none quite as bad as the torture that was endured by a young girl named Agnes. She was maybe 12 or 13 years of age when she endured her persecution. She was originally the beautiful young heiress daughter of the Roman nobility. She had many suitors even at such a young age, but Agnes refused to be with any of them. Slighted by her resolute devotion to Christian purity, these men of high rank turned her name into the authorities as a follower of Christianity, which was outlawed in those days.

The prefect Sempronius condemned the young maiden and order her to be dragged naked through the streets to a brothel where she was to be raped. As she was led through the street she prayed fervently and her hair grew to cover her body to shield her from scrapes and bruises. All of the men who attempted to rape her were struck with blindness. During the debacle the son of the Prefect Sempronius as struck dead but revived as Agnes prayed for him. At this point, she was recused of her crimes and a trial ensued.

At her trial, Agnes was found guilty of Christianity and sentenced to die by burning on a stake. However, when they tried to burn her the flames would not hurt Agnes. They wouldn't even touch her. The officer in charge of the whole debacle drew his sword and killed her by stabbing her in the throat. Her blood seeped from her body and oozed onto the ground, where fellow Christians soaked it up with cloth. The blood from this cloth is how this First Class Relic was made. Agnes was later recognized as a Saint and a martyr. She was canonized. Her blood was used to make this relic, which calls upon her name.

If you thought that story was extreme, it gets even deeper than that. There are secret scriptures that are not available to the public that tells of worse tribulation that Agnes had to go through. At a young age, she was selected by God to become next in line to a group of Holy Clerics called the Keeper of Secrets. The Keeper of Secrets is the keeper of all secrets of God. These secrets include the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant, the powers of the Holy of Holies, the Secrets of the Holy Grail and the bloodline of Christ, the meaning to the number 666 and all the secrets that are held in the Book of Revelations and encrypted throughout the entire Bible. There were two conditions to Agnes becoming such a holy cleric. The first one was she had to undergo extreme suffering such as Christ did on the Cross. The second condition was that she had to remain a virgin forever as to not become adulterated in the ways of the world.

As you see, not only was Agnes keeping her piety through remaining a virgin and turning down her suitors, she was keeping her contract with God. To fulfill her Christlike suffering, she had to venture through the Seven Level of Hell in human form where she was tempted and she was crucified upside down by a band of demons to mock the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. She was then resurrected to the world as the Keeper of Secrets. She was then to undergo another tribulation, which was the one I described to you. Only then could she return to Heaven, undergo an angelic transformation and take her place in the court of God.

This relic, with her blood, divulges the secrets of God that I have mentioned to you. It will allow you to travel to places such as the Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant, the place where the Holy Grail is kept, Mount Hermon to experience the transfiguration, and to all the other Holy Place mentioned throughout the Bible. You will also gain a divine knowledge that will allow you to read the secret and holy codes of the Bible and to gain the white light powers and abilities that are contained within. You will be given divine prophecy and knowledge of End of Times, including the knowledge to know what it meant in the books of Daniel and the books of Revelation. This power will literally turn you upside down.

Until now, this piece was kept in an undisclosed location that is known only by the name, "The Reliquary." We had to leap through some giant hoops to get our hands on this piece and make it available to you, so it will not come with a cheap price. However, you cannot put a price on all that this piece will do for you. It is definitely one of a kind.

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