St Michael's Wings
St Michael's Wings

St Michael's Wings

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Let me start out by saying that angels must earn their wings. I know that some people are aware of this, but I didn't know if all of you are. They start off in Heaven and they are birthed as these powerful white light spirits. They are literally God's offspring and each one of them holds a power that they must learn how to perfect, so they are sent to school just like any human is sent to school to learn. The difference is that they already know all they are going to know. They are infused with white light holy knowledge, they simply must grow into it. Once they have come full fruition of their powers is when they will sprout their wings and they are able to fly.

Archangels are much more advanced. These are the most powerful type of angels. I would say that they are the oldest, but in the times that are coming, God has begun birthing new archangels to compete in the final showdown between good and evil. Some will make it, some will not. That's not the point. The point is that Archangels never stop growing in power and knowledge. Unlike regular classes of angels, these angels undergo extensive training. I know this because I was in class with some of them the last time that I traveled to Heaven to go to school.

The first set of angels that archangels grow are known as their elementary wings. I'm not saying that these wings aren't powerful and that they don't deserve a second glance. They are. However, the winds of archangels are much more powerful and they have to be. These angels are the ones who will fly to Hell at the End of Times to invade Satan and his armies. These wings aren't the ones like you would see on regular angels. They are reinforced, almost like steely, thick flesh that literally deflects every type of magic or physical harm that is thrown at them.

Either way, once they have grown their elementary wings they must earn their new ones. Once the new ones are earned, the old ones shed and their new ones grow. Usually they keep those wings in spiritual form-- they don't stay physical wings forever. However, we have obtained a set of spiritual wings that used to belong to Archangel Michael. He is the fiercest warrior that God has in his army. He is the one that booted Satan to Hell in the original battle of Good versus evil that happened in Heaven. These are his elementary wings and they are what you get when you get this piece.

What does this piece do for you? First of all, they protect you from literally everything. There is no magic on Earth that is a battle for these wings. They will wrap around you and shield you from all evil and darkness. Second, they allow you to fly to Heaven. Of course, I don't mean in your physical form. When you use this piece, it allows you take an angelic form in which you will fly to the realms of Heaven. You will encounter the masses of angels that live in Heaven. They all have powers that you will be able to absorb from them. The power will go into your wings and will remain there for you to use in the mortal realms. These powers are very potent and range from healing to performing miracles, from being able to see the future, to granting divine wealth on Earth. The powers that you obtain are totally up to you because you will meet angels and they will offer you their powers. It's up to you if you want to take it or not. If I were you, I'd be taking whatever I can get. The End Times are nigh and you never know what you are going to encounter.

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