Star Harbors, Sorcery, and a Mummfied Alien
Star Harbors, Sorcery, and a Mummfied Alien

Star Harbors, Sorcery, and a Mummfied Alien

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Call it a hoax. Call it what you want. We have proof otherwise. This piece actually traveled to South American, specifically Peru, where an alien was found mummified in an outlying village. Several anthropologists have been invited to inspect the skull. They all agree that this is not a human skull, with one of them even suggesting that the skull belongs to some sort of alien race. The ironic part is the skull kind of resembles the skull on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, save for the fact that it isn't crystal. It's actually organic matter, which could be traced back to thousands of years ago.

During our investigation, we were able to make a connection with the mummified remains, to summon the alien presence that once belonged to the body an once gave the ancient people's of Perus the secrets that helped them build their ancient cities. When used to summon this alient presence, it brings about a great deal of knowledge, including the knowledge of stargates. Collectively, this being gave this knowledge to the ancients, because they in-turn used it to create ancient star harbors, through which they could harvest the energy that was set into the stars.

The truth is that if you want to become a powerful sorcerer, you have to look no further than the stars. The stars were not set there on accident. They were put there on purpose and the "gases" that scientists say they are made out of are actually ancient forms of all kinds of different types of magic. This is what they star harbor collected. This star energy. This energy could then be turned into whatever magic they needed or wanted it to be. This is the knowledge this piece and the alien presence will bring you.

Using this piece you will be able to look at the stars, to see past their existence, and to know what kind of powers they have. This will allow you to become a sorcerer and to develop your own special powers-- any powers that you want. Each star holds a property and combining these properties create different types of effects. This ancient knowledge will help you formulate any power/ability/magic that you want simply by finding the star energy combination that will bring it to you. You can literally develop any power with this knowledge and once you own it, it is yours to keep forever.


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