Stellar Djinn of Mnajdar

Stellar Djinn of Mnajdar

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Mnajdra is a megalithic complex that can be found on the Southern Coast of the Mediterranean Island of Malta.  It has been around since about the 4th millennials BC and is among the most anxiety religious sites in Earth. 


Although it is not really quite set in stone what this complex was used for, there is some speculation that at least one part of the temple was used to duplicate sequence of the stars.  You can think of it like an ancinet stellar calendar, keeping track of the movements of the  stars and constellations as they'd pass by. 


During an investigation that we organized, the energies of the star chambers were collected and set into this piece.  We began to test these energies as soon we got them.  During our testing of the pieces were were able to successfully unlock an ancient power that had been set into this piece, which had been unknown to the people that were making it. 


There is a entity in this piece that we like to call a stellar djinn.  He was originally and ancient Egypt Djinn created by Pharaoh Khufu, but was sent to live in Orion using the powers of the pyramids.  As such, this djinn has become a prolific stellar djinn, knowing the ins and outs of stellar sorcery.


When using this piece the stellar djinn becomes your guide.  He will lead you through the ancient knowledge that exists on Orion.  He will give you visions and dreams as if you had actually been there yourself.  These are very vivid experiences, where you can hear, touch, smell, feel, and even taste what you are experiencing.


Through this experience and these visions and through working with you Djinn guide, you will know the secrets of the anxiety Orion as they were given to the Egyptians.  You will also gain a magic that will allow you to fully comprehend and utilize a full range of stellar sorcery.  

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